Saturday, May 25, 2013

Arizona 2013 - Day 4.

(Day 1, Day 2, & Day 3!)

Our last day in Arizona was so bittersweet! I kept thinking 'tomorrow I have to go home' and I would get so sad, but also excited, because I do love my home routine, but I HATE saying goodbye to my best friends. All three of the guys had to work during the day, so Tabitha and I enjoyed a day to ourselves and the guys enjoyed some peace and quiet from our babbling.

First thing in the morning Noah & I hit the gym for a quick sweat session. For the first time in my life I wore shoes that did not match my workout top- and I chose to do it on the day when the most people ever (my normal gym traffic- 0-6 people. that day - 20-100 people.) saw me and my un-matchingness. No, that's not a word, and no, not a single person cared, but I sure did.

The gym was HUGE and I'll admit- I was intimidated because there were SO many other people. I tried to just act like I knew exactly what I was doing, but it was a major fail. For my workout I started with 10 minutes on the elliptical followed by a back/bicep circuit with free weights. I then alternated 10 minutes rowing and 10 minutes StairMaster for a total of 40 minutes.
Noah was working out in the machines area, and at one point he was using the pullup machine at the edge of the free weights area. Like the nice sister I am, I went over and put my arm around his waist to say hey.......oh hello- YOU ARE NOT MY BROTHER. I swear this guy and Noah could have been twins, and they were also both wearing grey Under-Armour shorts. I literally died of embarrassment. Try choking out an explanation  to that one......I'm not sure the guy believed me, I'm pretty sure he thought I was trying to pick him up. Uh-uh Mr., I've got much classier moves than that.
(Most embarrassing gym-moment of my life.)

Post workout mocha/coconut smoothie from the cafe in the gym. Ridiculously expensive and way too sweet for my tastes. I'm glad to say that my homemade mocha/coconut smoothie is so much tastier and significantly cheaper!!

After the gym I went back to the house to pick up Tabitha. Time for some serious retail therapy! Tabitha and I love shopping together and we hadn't been able to go shopping since she moved to Pennsylvania in January. For us, shopping is usually talking/people watching/not spending any money. Best combination ever.  :)
I have always had a major dislike for escalators and refuse to use them unless coerced. I have zero coordination and all I can think of is "I'm going to fall/My shoelace is going to get sucked into the steps/Oh gosh I hate heights."

For lunch we tried a little sushi joint in northern Phoenix. I love, love shrimp tempura, and Tabitha's favorite is the California Roll. We also both got spicy tuna.

We spent the evening climbing Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale. Our trip to Arizona last summer included climbing Camelback Mountain, so we knew that was something we definitely wanted to do again this trip!

There are two ways to climb Camelback- Cholla Trail and Echo Canyon Trail. Echo Canyon is steeper & and a kick-butt climb while Cholla Trail is less challenging.

Last year we climbed by way of Echo Canyon trail. We were disappointed to find out that Echo Canyon Trail is closed until October for renovations. Cholla Trail was fun, but I missed the challenge of Echo Canyon.

If you visit the Phoenix area, I would definitely recommend you climb Camelback! It's a quick climb- most people summit in under an hour- and the view is amazing!! 
Our day ended with some Yogurtland action. Tabitha and I made an exceptional team when we get froyo. I always get chocolate/peanut butter/coconut/coffee/hazelnut flavors with brownie and cheesecake pieces. Tabitha always gets plain or fruit flavors with fruit on top and then we share our bowls bite for bits. This enables us to get the best of both flavor worlds without having to contaminate the flavors in our bowls.  I'm pretty sure I read in a magazine that Yogurtland was voted the best refueling option post mountain climbing, but don't quote me on it.

Our flights left Arizona the following morning, and it was back to home sweet home. I am so glad we were able to make the trip and spend so much time together. Growing up in a large family was fun, but being in adult in a large family is so amazing- so many best friends!!

If you could have been with us on one day of our trip, which day would you choose?? 

Froyo toppings- fruit or candy?


  1. What a wonderful trip to Arizona you had, you make me want to go! I would definitely want to try the hiking, although never having hiked before, I'm not sure how well I would've done. Yogurtland as a rewards may have kept me going tho.

    Too funny about you hugging on the wrong guy at the gym! LOL!

  2. GAH these posts have been so much fun to read because they are places I have actually been. I've hiked both sides of Camelback, the first time I hiked the "not so steep side" but I was so unaccustomed to the heat that I ended up puking like twice because it was DEAD middle of summer. Bad idea. The next time I hiked the "WHOA HELLA steep" side and thought I was going to die a few times because I wore the wrong shoes and kept slipping haha.

    I never match at the gym..ever. Or anywhere I workout for that matter haha. I really don't think people notice and if they do I guess it's good I don't care! I DIED at that story about your brothers look a like bahaha! P.S. I am obsessed with your hair.

  3. How pretty all of your views were!! And you definitely got a lot of working out in while you were there. Your gym story is too funny. That's something I would do...and then I would probably try to dig my way out of it the same way and not sound believable. And I love matching too! And PS I want your hair. It's so pretty!

  4. definitely plain yogurt with lots of fresh yummy!!!

  5. Your pictures are all so amazing!! I'm glad you had a good time with your friend! :) and I always find that making my own smoothies are better and cheaper too :)