Tuesday, May 28, 2013

World's Longest Roasting Stick.

Happy fake Monday to you! I hope you all had a wonderful ______ (insert word of choice) weekend. This was a working weekend for me, so no super-exciting weekend events from me.

I didn't post yesterday, out of respect for the fact that though Memorial Day is usually full of cook-outs, swimming and family; the real reason for the holiday to is remember those who have given everything for our country. I am so, so, SO grateful for all of those who have served and currently serve to protect our nation. The freedoms and liberty that I enjoy on a daily basis are because of their sacrifice. They are all heroes, and their families, who love, wait and support them deserve our unending gratitude and appreciation.  If you have served- in the past or presently, love someone who serves or have lost someone who served; thank-you for your sacrifice.

And now for some would-you-rather Memorial Day style. Browsing back through the history of Memorial Day celebrations in my family, we've never had a particular tradition. Each year we celebrate the day with family or friends in a variety of ways.

One year we had a record rainfall the week before, which almost cancelled our plans to have friend camp out on our farm. They decided to come regardless and the rain ended up being the main attraction; we found a gully full of water, built a dam and had a monster mud-fight. Probably the most epic celebration ever.
(Kansas farm kids are not afraid of dirt or mud.)
Would you rather;

Have a water war, a board-game tournament or sweat it out in a game of volleyball?

Have a bonfire, attend a parade or spend the day at the lake?

Grill hamburgers, steaks or hotdogs?

Or enter a contest for creating the loooongest roasting stick in the State of Kansas. We still need to improve this skill because the world record for the longest hot dog is 250 feet........

What did you do to celebrate Memorial Day?

Ketchup, mustard or sauerkraut on your hot dog? 


  1. Ooooo the BBQ looks soooo good!! I'm totally jealous! We can't have a BBQ in a tall condo building so I'm always looking to take advantage of when friends host BBQs!! Looks like you had a great day!!

  2. Your weekend looks amazing, I'm kinda totally jealous! Oh and um, am I supposed to answer the would you rather questions? Cuz if so, I would rather... have a water war, spend the day at the lake, and grill hamburgers!

    Ketchup and mustard on mine please, yum!

  3. MUSTARD for everything!! I am eating it RIGHT now on a bed of spinach, quinoa, and broccoli. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH! That roasting stick is amazing..I need to make one myself.

  4. Your family traditions sound and look so fun :) That bbq looks amazing, too! I don't really like hot dogs, but I'm a ketchup & mustard kind of gal on my burgers : -)

  5. Just found your blog from The Lady Okie blog. New follower!