Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Arizona 2013- Day 3!

(Read about Day 1 and Day 2.)

Day three started out bright and early with a quick 2 mile run. I ran a very slow recovery pace after running the 8k the night before. It was nice to have a nice shake out run for my legs. I got back just in time to take part in a massive tickle/pillow fight. I'm not sure if there is any better way to start a day!

We had brunch, then hit the road headed up to Sedona/Flagstaff. It was a beautiful day for a quick road trip! 

Notice the Starbucks-- venti iced coffees with double shots all around!!
My brother and I were arguing about sweetening iced coffee. I maintain that iced coffee is not to be contaminated by any sort of sweetener, but simply enjoyed in the fullest, richest state possible. He insists that you need to add at least 4 pumps of sweetener. Help a sister out- sweetened or non-sweetened??  

My sister & I frequently get guessed as twins- do you see the resemblance?

We took a hike through a canyon and found a spot for a picnic. The weather was just perfect for an hike- cool and sunny and breezy. Arizona heat is so dry compared to Kansas- no humidity! 

The canyon was really lovely, except for the abundance of bees. None of us got stung, but there were plenty of bees- too many for my taste!

(Yes, I was the genius who chose sandals for a hiking trip. Take a walk on the wild side.)

Wonderful people, beautiful scenery, perfect weather = fantastic day!


  1. I love your sandals! I probably would've been the person to wear sandals hiking, too! You and your sister are beautiful, I can definitley see the strong resemblance for sure! Looks like another great day you had! I am so jealous of your iced coffees...I can't wait to see a Starbucks when I head home :) I am a one-sweetner in my iced coffee girl. Just one!

  2. Hey Lizzie!!! It's great to read your blog and get caught up w/ your life. Not as good as catching up in person :) but it'll have to do for now! I miss you so badly! It looks like you had a wonderful time on vacation with Noah and Tabitha. Family is the greatest!!

    Love you so much!!

  3. Gorgeous pics! What a beautiful hike! Hilarious that you wore sandals!
    I've never had iced coffee, so I don't know about added sweetener or not! (I'll let ya know if I ever get one! ;))
    You and your sis definitely could pass for twins!

  4. You are your sister look SO much alike, I can see why people think you are twins!! Love all these photos, I am 90% positive I have been to this exact trail!!

  5. Wow, beautiful pictures and location! And I am totally all over a ton of added sweetener, sorry! LOL!