Welcome to the Curly Pink Runner!!

(how the heck does one even write one of these pages?!)
I'm the Curly Pink Runner because I love to run, I always wear pink, and I have crazy hair.
(My hair is naturally frizzy but I bribe it into masquerading as naturally curly.)
I'm Elizabeth.
I love life.
I have this thing for food, especially; coffee, pancakes, coffee, guacamole, coffee, froyo, coffee, almond butter, coffee, bananas, coffee, bacon, coffee and dark chocolate.
 I laugh at my own jokes.
I never leave the house without earrings.
I'm a perfectionist learning to accept I'm a work in progress.
I sing in the car when I'm alone.
I refuse to cry in front of people.  
I love my Jesus, and He keeps my heart singing.
I value my family and my relationships with them over anything else in my life.
I eat a banana every single day.
I adore traveling.
I run, I lift like a man, I bike, I cross-fit, I HIIT and I recently acquired my Certified Fitness Trainer  certification through ISSA.
I can't stay awake to watch an entire movie. Ever.
I'm loyal to a fault.
I love lists, schedules, calenders and anything and everything 'organization'.
I never know what to say on this page. Need to know more?? Follow along on the blog!!


  1. We have so much in common...down to the frizzy hair :).

  2. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is great! And I could swear you were writing about me in your 'me.' section apart from the fact that my name is Rachel, not Elizabeth and my hair isn't curly :)

  3. Goodness I love everything about this list!!
    I too am entirely obsessed with coffee, traveling, Jesus, food, family, and my personal calender which pretty much tells me when to breath and go to the bathroom. If I ever lost that thing.... devastation!!

    haha Love your posts and can't wait to read more :)

  4. Hi Elizabeth! I saw you left a comment on my blog, thanks for stopping by! Now I got a chance to check yours out and we have a lot in common, I love it! Hope to keep in touch and I look forward to continue reading!

  5. Thanks for the inspiration. I loved reading about how you came to see being fit as important....and lifting weights:) your awesome