Monday, January 6, 2014


hello made-up-word-blog-post-title!! 


 -- epic mashup of 'wonderful' and 'number'
--post full of numbers

Elizabeth WEBSTER at your service.

0 miles run this year. while a seven day break from running mid training for my upcoming 1/2 was completely unintentional, I'm not stressing about it. I have a good base to build from and this 1/2 won't be run for time or anything other than pure enjoyment. that said, I'm sorry to every person I growled at this week because I haven't had my therapy (running).  
2 fingernails wrecked while changing the light in my bathroom. screw you lightbulb.

5 (nearly) perfect hair days in a row.........this never happens and I'm beginning to fear that when this streak ends all my hair is just going to fall out. 

7 hours spent running (quite literally, at some points. don't challenge me to a race across a snow-packed parking lot and then expect me to forfeit simply for the lame excuse of my footwear.) around in these bad boys.
9 cups of coffee consumed during one 10 hour nigh shift on no sleep. 

12 trips to the bathroom after consuming aforementioned coffee. 

15 years that I've been friends with this beautiful bride!! loved being a part of her celebration this past weekend as she became a Mrs! 

18 pairs of shoes that I've bookmarked on amazon because I need them. I should note that these are only the running/lifting/exercise related shoes. I stopped counting the other shoes I bookmarked because I can't count that high. 

25- negative degrees is too cold to be a functioning adult. if you need me you can find me at home getting down with dozen blankets.  
30- the number of pounds I added to my deadlift since the last time I maxed in May. 

47 tabs open in my web browser right now. yes, I multi-task. 

52 times I told myself  slow down while driving to work. my cruise doesn't work super great when it's cold and left to my own devices; my foot does dirty things with the gas pedal. 

69 photos later and my sister tells me "you suck at getting your picture taken". hence the wildly awkward pose and tiny tigers what am I doing with my hands?!? 

72 pages I've written in my journal since 1/1/2014. #shouldabeenawriter

88 seconds spent inverted tonight before work. every second counts. 

Pick a number, any number--- tell me something about your weekend! 


  1. Yayyyy for good hair days...girls with curls have to celebrate them when they happen because they can be fleeting! 2 hours until I have to go to bed :(

  2. You are hilarious!! And I need those heels. Like really need them.
    My numbers... 73 days until I run 50 miles. 108 days until I run 100. Yes, I'm a little obsessed. :)

  3. 4 days of great bangs! #WIN Nice heels btw. I'd totally slip and fall. I mean, I slip and fall in my Sorels lol