Friday, January 3, 2014

Five things Friday!

1. Aunt life = best life.
you better believe that I have my own hashtag for celebrating the awesomesauce known as aunt-hood. do you not want to just hug those little cuties??! gah. I am forever grateful for the unending joy my nieces and nephews bring to my life. Sidenote- kids that suck their thumbs are cuter, I am convinced. 
(and despite their glum faces- they were watching a movie, not participating in a mass time-out!)

2. Handstand practice in public- not advised.
 *nearly breaks neck* Yeah, I totally meant to do that. That limp noodle/panda bear twerking/2 year old dancing with a marshmallow move I just did was 100% intentional. 

3. Peanut Clusters.
also known as heaven on earth. Seriously- what makes this combination so addictive and heavenly?? Every year I think I'm going to outgrow my affection for these bad little boys but nope- the love story continues strong as ever. 

4. To kiss, or not to kiss??
So.........would YOU kiss a stranger on New Year's Eve?? Hmmm.......I have two schools of thought on this, but primarily I find the thought of exchanging saliva with a complete stranger about as tantalizing as putting my mouth on a rabid squirrel. No judgement if we differ in opinion.

5. Is there a statue of limitations on Christmas lights?? 
I know the season has passed but I just want to keep my Christmas lights forever. I love, love, LOVE sitting in a dark room illuminated only by twinkly Christmas lights. My bestest friend in the entire universe bought and hung these lights for me, making them twice as special.......I just cannot bear to take them down. 

Did you suck your thumb as a child? 

Who else is still enjoying their Christmas decorations?

1 comment:

  1. 1. No statue of limitation on lights. I took our tree down, but the lights are staying for a bit!
    2. Heck no I wouldn't kiss a stranger! That's gross.
    3. Love me some peanut clusters!