Thursday, January 9, 2014

Goals for 2014!

If that isn't the most unoriginal title you have ever read I don't know what is. I am slipping in my old age.  

I do not make New Year's Resolutions (hashtag- most unoriginal subtitle ever)........but I do like to chart out some specific goals every month/year. I make physical, spiritual, emotional & financial goals and this is where I declare the physical ones. Perhaps at some point I'll touch on the other more personal goals, but for this post I'm going to focus on the physical goals.

I am picky about setting physical goals. Having previously been quite overweight and still learning how to maintain my 50+ pound weight loss, it's important to me that I don't adopt a 'finish line' mentality. Instead cultivate a lifestyle of consistency, setting goals that build on strength and endurance rather that size/weight. The last thing I want to do is bust my chops to get to a certain size/weight/look only to be unable to maintain it because it's not a feasible lifestyle and revert back to the way I was before.

~ run a sub-25 minute 5k.
In July I was a the peak of my running game this year and ran a 25:37 which was a 3 minute PR. I'm looking forward to setting a new PR this year......let's go baby. 

~complete an unassisted pull-up. 
this may be the thing on the list that I want the most. I had this as a goal last year, but never worked for it specifically. time to put some effort in. I can kind of kip......but have yet to actually string any kipped pullups together.

~enjoy 2014 sugar-free. 
note- I did not say 'give up' or 'go without'. I have a sugar addiction, every person has a different way of conquering addiction and for me right now, this is a step I need to take. Some of the healthiest seasons of my life involved giving up sugar completely and so I'm going to tackle this for 2014.
(what this means, essentially is no sugar for the sake of sugar--ketchup has sugar, it stays. chocolate cake has sugar- it goes. see the difference??)

~attend a yoga class.
I run, I lift and and I take my hat off to all the yogis. I know that yoga is amazing for your body and I feel like it would really compliment the other forms of exercise that I do regularly. Because of where I live, I don't have the option of taking yoga classes in person, but this certainly

~RX weight for Bring Sally Up (Squat)
I first saw this quickie WOD in August and was immediately intrigued. The RX weight for females that I see most commonly is 95lbs. I've been attempted this twice a month with 50 lbs and have yet to make it for the entire song. I promise I'm not a  wimp-- this is tougher than it looks!! As I increase my strength both phyiscally AND mentally, I look forward to RXing the weight for this! (if you're not familiar with this WOD, there are plenty of demos on youtube)

~walk 10 feet in a handstand. 
I am a huge fan of handstands.......and really horrible at them. I am working on them everyday and although I have yet to see improvement-- just getting inverted everyday is a step in the right direction!

~take a 7 day break from all running/lifting/training. 
because we need rest. and I'm not good at resting, but my body needs it. when you go hard, you've got to protect your down time.

~snatch my bodyweight.
er.......that's's Crossfit people. This is one of my favorite olympic lifts but I have yet to see significant improvement on it. Admittedly I don't focus on it specifically all that often so I can't expect to see noticeable changes. This goal adds extra incentive to shedding the 12 or 15 extra pounds that found me this fall.....lighter body, lighter snatch. uh........moving on.

"what you get by achieving your goals is not nearly important as who you become while accomplishing them."


  1. Awesome goals, good luck with them! And I love the quote and the bottom, it's so true! :)

  2. Man, I want to do a pull-up too. It's so hard, though!

  3. These are awesome goals! The handstand and snatch are seriously impressive - I can't ever imagine being able to do either of those things!