Friday, January 10, 2014

Five things Friday!!

1. Smart phone users-- is there any other phone that comes close in comparison to the I-phone?? I've had the I-phone 4s for almost 3 years and I LOOOOOVE it, but it was an upgrade from a flip phone so I have no other experience with a smart phone to compare it to. I'm preparing to switch plans and my current phone isn't compatible with the new plan.............decision time!  

2. I don't cry over spilled milk, but 6 egg whites wasted in cookies that totally flop...........tears-a-plenty!! I've only made this recipe a dozen times, and could probably make it in my sleep.........but something went majorly amiss. 

3. In December I lost my favorite pair of running shoes-- my beloved GTS adrenaline 12's. I've been searching every place imaginable but I  have finally given them up as gone for good. Probably not normal, but I shed a few tears. Not only were they my favorites, but I had at least another 200 miles left in them. 

4. If you haven't--- give this beautiful song a listen. I promise it'll become a new favorite. much awesomeness. 

5. I have always been fascinated by how differently men and women tend to think/feel/act and this had me chuckling! Same day- two very different opinions! 

Do you think a smart phone plan is worth the extra $$?

When was the last time you lost something you valued?


  1. I lost my lip balm on the weekend, does that count? :P

    I use a Blackberry. The Q10. I think it's the best phone EVER but I understand I'm in the minority because most people hate BBs!

  2. That big chocolately glob looks really yummy!!
    I had never heard that song before, it's so pretty! That really sucks that you lost your shoes! I would totally be crying, shoes aren't cheap! Do you know where you lost them? Any chance of getting them back?? I have an Iphone 4s. LOVE it!! It's worth the extra $ to me.

  3. Oh I'm loving that song! Downnnnnloading.

    I've failed recipes I've made a hundred happens lol