Sunday, December 8, 2013

start the celebration.

I'm guilty of rushing. And since I don't play pro football, this has no advantage in my life. 

Scarfing down meals so fast I couldn't tell you what I ate 6 hours later, and if I can it would be solely because I'm a food lover; not because I took time to inspect, chew and swallow.

 Speed texting to the point of countless auto corrects  in every other message.

 Skimming pages for the bare minimum information instead of actually reading.

Forgetting things that I would normally never forget. For example; whether or not I brushed my teeth.....thankfully I have my breath to remind me. (ew? tmi? you tell me.)

Watching a football game only to completely forget the score the second I flip the channel. Who was I watching?? New England who?? 


At the end of our lives it's the big letter moments that we remember and hold dear.
Relationships. Achievements. Victories.
It's like a real-life version of connect-the-dots.
The dots are the milestones.

graduating from college.
your first boyfriend.
the hard earned promotion at work.
your summer spent studying in Spain.
your wedding day.

But the picture isn't made up of the dots. The dots alone tell an incomplete story.

The dots are the skeleton frame of our life, the meat and muscle to the body are found in the connections.
The mundane, trivial pieces of our lives-- the daily trips to the gym, our 345th bowl of oatmeal for the year, random text message conversation between you and your sorority sisters, quiet moments spent with our loved ones, bad jokes over the water cooler at work,-- that's how our lives are spent. We can rush and barrel our way through life, hopping from task to task but if we do- we'll arrive at the end of our days having lived just a fraction of what our life could have been.

I eat countless snacks and small meals a day. It takes no brain and no time to throw it down on a paper towel and make that food disappear.

Or we can create beauty.
(Plates are a nice touch, especially because they allow for mustard for dipping.)

We can make the most of the simple.
We can stop the glorification of BUSY and start the celebration of LIVING.

Do you slow down to make the most of the little things?

What is one mundane activity you can find beauty in this week?

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