Monday, December 9, 2013

Honest Monday.

honestly.............on a scale of 1-10, my breakfast this morning was a -6. I had oatmeal, which is my ultimate favorite but apparently I can botch a bowl of oatmeal like a boss. Glad that's over. 

honestly.........kindness is underrated. Do small things to bring joy. Go the extra mile. Think twice before you speak. kindness if never a waste of your time.

honestly....I had my fingers crossed that K-State would get Nebraska for their bowl game, but no such luck. watch out Michigan- we're coming for you! 

honestly........yesterday a male coworker of mine posed the question "since when did someone decide it was cute to wear cowboy boots with sundresses?" which lead me to believe I'm not the only one who is not on board with that trend. If  "I'm going to ride a horse" and "I'm going on a date" had a baby, that would be it and clearly some people should not reproduce. 

honestly...........I've been drafting a post for the past several weeks and I'm too chicken to post it. Send me some brave, courageous vibes please and thank you. I the only person who gets lost on the Huffington Post. I swear it's a worse time suck than Facebook. According to my lengthy perusal this morning; pessimism can add days to your life, 97 year olds write really thought provoking birthday cards to the world, breaking a sweat can boost your creativity and I'm not the only person who thinks Gavin DeGraw's "Best I Ever Had" is a super workout tune. 

honestly......................I love Mondays. too much love to contain. so I'm sharing. go forth and be merry. 

honestly.......procrastinating on my car purchase is starting to get embarrassing. On the bright side, I'm getting more miles out of my current wheels than I anticipated.  

honestly.......I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet. not one single purchase. This may not be all that unusual, except I'm typically done by October 1st. 

honestly, even I get stunned by my OCD sometimes. It's not enough that I use tabs instead of windows so that my computer isn't cluttered up..........I have to organize my tabs alphabetically. google chrome you enabler you. 

honestly.........I wasn't thrilled when the owner of the consignment shop told me she was rejecting my contributions because they were a 'more mature style' than they wanted to sell. ouch. I will take my across the street to "Grandma's Closet" instead.

honestly.......I don't like to toot my own horn BUT- I've been setting all kinds of records for the most time spent on Instagram. I'm not sure if I should expect a medal or free stuff for Instagram or an intervention from my family into Instagrammers Anonymous. 
honestly................this is what my Christmas tree will be looking like this year......if I don't eat the cherry tomatoes first. Thanks to the buckets of photos of stunning trees flooding my facebook and instagram feeds, I don't even feel like I'm missing out on setting up my own tree. 

honestly...........this post reminds me of my kitchen junk drawer. Just all the random bits floating through my mind that don't really belong anywhere else. I'm uncommonly attached to my junk drawer because it holds all the goodies that I use most often and more often than not, spare pieces of dark chocolate which are applicable in any situation. 

honestly..........I'm feeling nosy about YOUR Monday. What are you feeling today?? 

be brave & smile often. 
xoxo Curly Pink Runner


  1. Love this! You are brave and courageous and adorable :) I'm so sorry but I love cowboy boots and sundresses haha! I don't own cowboy boots but I think girls that do that are too cute. Ooops!!

  2. I love oatmeal. And I get irrationally upset when I mess it up.

  3. I haven't started Christmas shopping... well for anyone but myself. That's probably not good though huh? And I'm not a cowboy boot person to begin with, but sometimes I like the look with a dress. Not that I would ever do it tho I bet. Lol, not many people like Mondays!

  4. I need to take notes and love Mondays more like you! I love oatmeal too and mess it up way too often. Don't worry, Christmas shopping will get done in time!

  5. I feel ya on the OCD! I swear I am OCD about the weirdest things, like cleaning the kitchen counters while I'm cooking, or topping off my Keurig constantly, even when it's not empty. Wow I sound crazy haha. I also know how upsetting it is to ruin oats, you want to start over but not waste food so you just deal with it. Worst. Ever.


  6. I haven't done any Christmas shopping either... And now that my husband just had surgery on his ankle, I'm betting that all of our shopping will be done online :P

  7. Love this post! What a coincidence...I have been procrastinating a car purchase too. Some days I think I'm ready and start searching for that new car, and then I just get complacent and figure I'll keep driving my current car until it totally dies. Can't wait to read about the post you mentioned!