Friday, December 6, 2013

Five things Friday.

1.  I don't wear orange. No coral, no peach, no tangerine. To quote one amazing woman-- "I will not wear that gaudy's not in my color wheel". (holler if you know who I'm quoting!) It's hunting season, which means I bust out the blaze with pride and glory but at the end of the day; I HATE WEARING ORANGE. 

2. The words  "look at me, I've survived cyber Monday without spending a dime"  were leaving my mouth while I hit up Instagram. Famous last words. Quest bar deliciousness for a steal of a deal........I caved. 2 boxes of Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars for the win. Still not easy on the wallet, but certainly better than normal.

BHAHHAHAHA this is so true...
3. Own it- we've all do it. I have won so many brilliantly scripted arguments in the shower, I should get a medal. It's just freeing. Unfortunately, my memory can't always remember the difference between the real-life argument and the fake arguments.  A friend of mine and I have an ongoing argument, completely in jest in which I am almost always the loser in person, but come back and utterly dominate in my reruns. In this weeks installment, I confused my (fake) winning round with real life and 1/2 way into the argument had to eat even more humble pie when I realized my previous 4 or 5 statements were formed in between coats of conditioner. Uh, uh, oops. 

4.  My niece is the sweetest 3 year old ever. While celebrating Thanksgiving with them, she shared her bed with me while she slept in a nest on the floor. She went to bed before I did, but when I went in for the night, I found that she had turned down the bed and left me with a selection of her favorite dollies. Melt. my. heart.

5. I've been getting lost on pinterest this week searching for a couple new recipes to try when I make my Christmas goodie trays. It's good thing browsing pinterest is calorie free because the treats I will be making are NOT. 

What color(s) do you never wear?

What was your best cyber Monday deal?

Any must make goodies I should include in my 


  1. I don't really wear orange or yellow... on occasion yes, but definitely not regularly.

  2. Aw I like orange. And peach, my new running hoodie is coral. I don't wear that color often but every once in a while.

    I've never tried Quest bars before, may need to find some.

  3. I don't know the quote, but I DO know that I never wear orange either! Oranges, pinks, red, negative. I stick to blues and greens. It's just better for everyone.