Friday, December 13, 2013

Five Things Friday.

1. I cannot take credit for this snowman, but I have a major snowman crush on him. This guy may or may not make an appearance in my yard before the snow melts.

2. Any Vine addicts out there?? I browse through them when I need a laugh and sooner or later will happen across a real gem. I saved you some time and found the best vine for you. If you never watch another Vine-- watch this one first!!! I tried to embed the video and unfortunately am entirely too technologically challenged to accomplish this task........follow the link and laugh until you cry or we cannot be friends!! :)

3. I had to update some passwords on my workstations last week, which seemed totally harmless until after the fact. I realized that I traditionally turn these passwords over to my supervisor..........and I immediately had to go back and change them all to be work appropriate. Word to the wise; do not create passwords that reveal who you love, who you hate, and what you plan to do with their bodies.

4. What?!??! Gingerbread m&m's??!?! shut the front door. Someone tell me where I can find these! 

5. This song was written before I was born but I LOVE it. Oh my gosh......on repeat from Thanksgiving to New Years with tears every time it comes on!! Sometimes a song says it better than anything else could. 

Do you use the same passwords for multiple accounts or create a new one each time?

When was the last time you made a snowman? 

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