Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Me.

Dear Curly Pink Runner,

 Happy Birthday. 

That was one crazy year. 

 I can think of some other adjectives that would also apply, but let's keep this positive.  Do normal people write letters to themselves? Probably no.........but screw normal. Let's be fabulous instead and fabulous people always write letters to themselves. 

You're becoming a really beautiful person. I see growth. I see diligence. I see honesty. I see second chances given and second chances taken. I see joy. I see a passion for life, an unwillingness to be mediocre. I see amazing things in store for you this year. #getafterit. 
You're 22, but not feeling it. At least not in the way TSwifty does. Enjoy it. You only get to be 22 once, so keep these things in mind as you celebrate today and look forward to another year. 

1. You can always find a reason to quit. Don't. And if perhaps, in a weak moment, you give up; START OVER.

2. Don't assume that just because you give the best of yourself to someone, they are giving you their best. Yes, that can be as painful as it sounds. The goods news?? You will never regret honest, selfless investment in any friendship. 

3. Always try to see the situation from the other person's perspective but be prepared to find that A. you are wrong or B. you really, really hate their perspective.

4. There is a difference between working hard and over working. Working hard makes you productive, motivated and inspired. Over working erases your vision, drains you and leaves you  feeling hopeless.

5. Always have a Plan B, and when in doubt, start working on Plan C. 

6. Sometimes all you need is a good long hug. Don't be afraid to ask for one.

7. A little bit of love can go a long freaking way.

8. Your recorded voice is honestly the worst possible sound on the face of the earth. Kudos for choosing a profession that requires you to talk virtually non-stop on the radio or phone. Repeat after me; "if only they could see my face."

9. Keep a real spoon in your car, because chobani tastes better off of real metal. Or more honestly; some days you are just going to need a pint of chocolate cookie chaos on your way home from work and trying to eat it with a plastic spoon is infuriating.

10. Those texts that you wanted to send at 3 in the morning; I'm so very glad you didn't.

11. Your 'no button' is just like a muscle. The more you use it, the easier it is to use it.

12. There were weeks that you cried every single day. Those weeks made you a stronger person. Tears are not a sign of weakness, they are an invitation for greatness. 

13. When you leave work after a 13 hour shift, and STILL wish you  could stay just one more hour; that's when you know you're in the right profession.

14. Never ruin a good apology with an excuse.

15. Start keeping a spare pair of running socks in your gym bag, because you ALWAYS forget them when you're prepping for the day. Socks are a deal breaker for running.

16. You ate too many doughnuts this year. Shall we keep it in the double digits this year?? Yes. Definitely yes.

never let a problem to be solved become more important than person to be loved
17. Thank you for always putting people first- before work, before pleasure, before 'being right',  before success. You will never regret that priority scheme. Keep it up.

18. If you can't resist using the internet to unnecessarily compare yourself to other people and forthwith feel condemned and sub-par, I WILL suspend your internet privileges. Take note! 

19. 60% of your decisions are made based on your selfishness disguised as goodness. Don't fool yourself.

20. Sometimes you just need to zip your lips and stop talking. 9 times out of 10, you're not going to solve the problem with your babble, so mums the word.  Stop talking, stop thinking; just be. 

21. It's probably time to retire the sparkly eye-shadow. (Translation; you're old.)

22. Failing is only forever if you quit.

This year was absolutely nothing like you thought it was going to, indeed. 
It was so much more. Sometimes our best laid plans and ideas can't hold a candle to how life happens. It has not been all roses and butterflies. Life threw some cannonballs in your path, but you kept going. I'm proud of you. 

Let's kick some 22 year old booty this year.
 Less expectations, more enthusiasm. Do all things with love. 
xoxo Curly Pink Runner


  1. How is it that I'm 10 years older, yet you're 10 years wiser?? I need to this print off and read it daily!

  2. AHH I love this!! I have a similar post lined up for my birthday in February..except...I will be...25!! HOLY COW!! I totally thought you were my age..not that you are far behind..but you are SO mature for 22 and so well established!! AMAZING!! I just adore you, I hope your birthday is everything and MORE!

  3. This is a fun post :) happy birthday! Although I might disagree with you on one thing... I think a sports bra is my deal breaker. Need to hold down the ladies! Haha.

  4. Happy belated birthday gorgeous!! I wish I saw this post the day of! Ever since I moved from Blogger to Wordpress I forgot to check on my Blogger feed! :( I hope you had an amazing birthday filled with happiness and love. You deserve it!!


  5. Happy birthday my beautiful, sweet friend! If it counts for anything, I did think of you on your birthday and hoped it was going fabulously.
    I love love this list. I thought I was the only person in the world who kept a spoon in their car!! I never know when the ice cream mood will strike, so I always have to be ready!!
    I love you chickie and think you're freakin awesome!! xoxo

  6. I know I am totes late commenting. but. I adore you. so much.
    you are awesome. can I be you someday?
    #next..... take a deep breathe and smile. you are already perfect.
    love you.