Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The hick in me...........'s in there somewhere.
 I'm a pretty sophisticated little miss, but sometime my inner country bumpkin makes some noise and gives away my rural upbringing. If you're not from the country, let me let you in on a little secret; it's pretty much the bomb. I would venture a guess that we ALL have an inner hick on some level or another.

The hick in me..........

caused me to call the man who knocked on the front door a goat. Not as an insult, but as an explanation;  "I'm sorry it took me 15 knocks to answer, I thought you were the goats banging on the house."

believes that there are 3 main color groups for a woman's wardrobe; pink, black and camo.

thinks the idea of a bowl of buttersquash soup, or potato soup sounds ideal, but as soon as you put it in front of me, I'm all "honey, where's the meat?"

finds any parade not comprised primarily by farm implements both unusual and lacking.
can pluck a chicken, milk a cow and grow tomatoes, just don't ask me to rope a steer.

knows that cell service is a privilege denied to many and isn't ashamed to climb on the roof, hop around on one foot or run to the highest hill in the county to make a phone call. 

finds it completely normal (and depressing) that the closest Starbucks is over 90 miles away

thinks that this is the most brilliant invention I've ever seen!! Seriously, who doesn't want a tailgate bench in their garage? 

knows that the reason the brilliant inventor of the tailgate bench stumbled upon this use for their tailgate is because we all know nothing dies faster than a Chevy. (dodge lovers unite.)

never washes my car because I drive dirt roads every single day.

sees more cows than cars on my daily commute to work.
prefers cornfields over clubs and barns over bars. 

knows every work to every Eric Church song ever written.

Do you have an inner hick?? 

How does your inner hick show?? 


  1. Yes, yes...I love this. =) So true.

  2. LOVE this :) I'm definitely a country girl at heart! And that tailgate bench....I just....I can't. It's too perfect!

  3. That tailgate is so cool! HA! I loveee that corn picture. I don't think I have much of an inner hick...the idea of plucking chickens makes me want to die..and I never want any meat in my soups. I also need Starbucks nearby caussseee, that's my money maker right now!! HOWEVER, I think the idea of living far away from crazyness and living a bit "rugged" sounds wonderful! I can poop in the woods..does that count? Too far..? HAHAHa.