Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Goals RECAP and November Goals.

Am I the only person who feels like the month of October was all of 17.2 seconds long?? Holy cow- that month flew by.

October Goals:
Double Unders.
I didn't spend as much time on my double unders as I planned, mostly because I realized I need to get a speed rope. My current jump rope is too long and not built for speed (it has than in common with myself!!)! I did spend some decent time working on my double unders and even managed a few! I have yet to string any together, but I count accomplishing one on it's own a success!! I won't confirm or deny the validity of the above graphic.......but take a hint from the sister, mmmmkay?? 

Grocery Shop instead of Snack Shop.
Some goals get so-so results, but I smashed this one out of the park!! I had an extremely busy month and often when I left my house in the morning I was packing for 

Start my day with truth. 
It's amazing the difference that a perspective makes! This month I was intentional with the first few minutes of my morning. Typically, the very first thing I do when I wake up is hit up instagram. This past month I worked very hard to seek truth first. Some days habit took over, but most of the time I was able to remember. 

November Goals:

1. Run 50 miles. 
Not at the same time. I haven't set a running related goal in weeks because I intentionally like to keep running something that is a privilege, not a chore. Sometimes, however I benefit from a little bit of structure or a goal, and right now I feel like this is a perfect time to set a running goal.  I'd like to bring my mileage up a little bit and also make sure my lungs are good and ready for the winter running that is just around the corner! 

2. Put all my food on a plate.
Licks, tastes, bites, nibbles, pinches...........they add up fast. When I'm cooking or prepping food in the kitchen I tend to work with my hands AND my mouth. Especially in light of the extra time I'll be spending in the kitchen in preparation for the holidays, I don't want to let my mouth get carried away. If I'm eating it, it goes on a plate and gets eaten with an utensil! 

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  1. (It has that in common with myself!) Bahahahah I love how you sneak the jokes in there. I bet you're a ridiculously awesome runner! Like 4839209380293 times more awesome than me! But that doesn't really take much...