Friday, November 1, 2013

Five things Friday!

Nothing like sliding in by the hair of your chinny-chin-chin. This just about turned into Six-things-Saturday!!

1. What did the sleep deprived girl say to the clerk on a Tuesday morning while paying for her fuel?? "Have a great weekend." Just to be super cool, I followed up with Happy Birthday. 

2. I died and went to eggnog heaven!! It might be a touch early, but I am always ready to see eggnog season roll around!! YAY! I picked this up last week and have been enjoying little dashes of it my coffee and also created a killer pumpkin spice smoothie with it. Super delicious! 

3. Twice this week I woke up with absolutely no idea where I was or what my last name was. It was like waking up in Vegas minus the alcohol, the hideous tattoos and the new husband. I am not typically a very heavy sleeper so these drool-inducing slumbers are new to me. Weird.  
4. I did not dress up for Halloween, but I instantly regretted it when I found these dudes. It's probably not normal to love legos this much as an adult, but it's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

5. I made a huge pot of white chicken chili and froze up portions for meals this later this month but on Monday I started coming down with a cold and soup was pretty much the only thing that my throat would take. Call it miracle cure because several meals of soup (and 16 cloves of garlic) later; I was feeling brand to the new! The real miracle of this soup is that the house did not fill with smoke while I cooked it, so wins all around. 

Eggnog - yay or nay? 

Did you have legos as a child?

What's your go-to soup recipe? 

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