Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Things Friday!!

1. I had a super exciting moment this week when I received the wedding invitation for a friend's wedding! I have known this sweet friend for years and years- she is one of the few people who knew me in my outrageously obnoxious teenage years and still loves me today!! :) I was also ecstatic to see that they chose one of the photos from their engagement shoot in July! So fun to see my work in print!! 

2. I'm extremely efficient at list making because I always add something that I have already accomplished and can immediately scratch off the list!! On the list in question, #5 would be the one (and only) thing I accomplished today. 

3. The radio in my car has a mind of it's own.  It likes to flip channels and VOLUME without my permission. This week it was hung up on the old country station...........cry me a river and put out the ring of fire!! In case you were wondering, I'd rather drive in silence than to old country tunes, but apparently my radio has zero respect for this opinion.

4. I am a cereal lover so I was more than a little bit excited to hear about this gem! Seriously- how cool is that??!?! Move over froyo, because self-serve cereal bars leave you in the dust. 

5. I have horrible, horrible remorse every time I take time off work. It's extremely uncomfortable for me to schedule time off and I always struggle with really relaxing and not thinking about work. I love what I do, but taking down time is healthy and crucial for preventing burnout. As I prepare for 7 days of vacation (say what? 7 whole days?!?!) I'm trying to be really intentional with my thought process and reject any anxiety that I feel. Any tips? 

Favorite type of cereal?

What's the last thing you do before you leave on vacation?

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  1. A cereal bar?? That is so awesome! You'll have to post about it! And enjoy your vacation, you deserve it!