Thursday, October 3, 2013

Smile and I'll shoot!

So ya'll know I love to run, eat, be an Aunt, drink too much coffee, I'm not so good with snakes and I turn everything into a joke. Have I mentioned that I'm also a fan of photography?
I love life. I love moments that matter. I love seeing life through my lens.
One of my childhood friends contacted me in July to see about getting some snapshots with her boyfriend while he was visiting for the weekend. In between arranging the shoot and the day of; he popped the question! I loved capturing a snippet of their relationship through my lens. It's not everyday that you get to take engagement pictures for a friend you've known for over half your life!!

I try to use a blend of candid portraits and photo journalism in my photo shoots- freezing those special moments when they happen. Engagement shoots are by far my favorite- what's not to love about two head-over-heels individuals?
 I like to think of these images being something that my client will treasure for years, something that's more than just flossy paper and ink- but a moment in time, an emotion carefully preserved.

Love is a choice. It's not always easy- sometimes it's a fight. I like to think that someday 15 years down the road, when children and mortgages and illness and all manner of speed bumps have crossed their paths; my clients can pull out these photos and be transported back to that moment when their love first blossomed.

 When hearts and minds first met and planned and hoped and dreamed for a bright and happy future. Someday a tired husband will flip back and see that vibrant face of his young bride-to-be in those glossy images, and remember that her young and willing heart promised him forever and always. And all those years later, though the shady park is traded for the walls of a too-small house, and her carefully planned outfit replaced by whatever is still clean after 3 nights of staying up with their sick baby-- that commitment, that passion for each other still burns within both their hearts.

That her eyes still hold that sparkle for him, and only him and nothing makes his voice as soft as when he says her name. Time and change can reroute their path through life, but no matter where it takes them, they stand hand-in-hand, ready to face whatever they may encounter.

Can a photo do all that? Can a smile snapshot make such a difference? I think so- I know so. I'd hardly call myself a skilled photographer- I'm lucky just to capture the photo, and if the lighting happens to work out, thank my lucky stars, it's a true miracle. But I know what good photos can do. I've seen the way they can  be more- so much more than just photos. I'll keep trying, run my settings until my camera and I are one. Constant improvement, 100% dedication. 

Congratulations, Daniel & Kourtney! So excited for you both, and looking forward to your wedding!!


  1. You are quite the talent my dear. xo

  2. awww...they look so adorable together. These pictures definitely bring back some memories. My hubby and I have been married for about 3 years now....time flies by so fast!

  3. You have such a way with words...I so needed to read this after the week I just had. Loved it, and the photos are beautiful. So many talents that you possess, I am so impressed!