Saturday, September 14, 2013

The internet told me to.......... brownies.
 It all started with a pan of uber fudgey brownies that someone brought my parent's as a house-warming gift (moving into that neighborhood stat!), and dang, they were amazing. Someone knows what they're doing with a brownie pan.
With brownies occupying my every waking thought already on my mind, I got online to find two posts in my reader from two of my favorite bloggers with recipes for brownie creations. Brownie-Batter-Protein-Mug-Cake and Brownie Protein Pancakes?? The internet has spoken, and I don't have to be told twice.

I may or may not be easily influenced when chocolate is involved.
Mission accomplished.

Brownies- cakey or fudgey?

Thankfully someone else (basically every other blog I read) posted about running; so I took the hint and took off for some quality time with my running shoes. 

I'm hoping to find a post or two this week entitled 'how to find a million dollars' because those would be instructions I be oh-so-very-happy to take.
When was the last time you caved to 'internet peer-pressure'?


  1. haha! Way to cave. The great internet has spoken! I hope the brownies were delicious!

  2. Cakey!! LOVE brownies and definitely love those Quest bars. I make protein mug cakes at least one a week too. :)

  3. Fudgy, for sure!!!! I need to get back on track! I need to use internet peer pressure for good and step up my workouts. My weekends have been SO BAD in the food department lately. I have lost zero weight this month, because I've been undoing all my work every weekend!