Thursday, September 12, 2013

Five Things Friday.

1. Five things Friday is my excuse to be 100% random without feeling like I have ADHD. I take a small portion of all the random things rolling through my brain and dump them into one mostly insignificant post. I think I spend half my life rerouting my mental capacity to what I want it to think about, not just what pops into my brain. I like new shoes and pass the peanuts please. addict?
2. I was feeling confidant of my ability to avoid social media addiction after multiple mediums including facebook, twitter, pinterest had entered my world with no life-altering consquences........ #helloinstagram
This article was rather Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Especially #8.......#theyknowmysecrets. 

3. This song. On repeat. Someone tell me WHY it' is so freaking catchy?? 

4. It's September, but I wrote July on 3 separate papers I dated at work today. Hello, I'm Elizabeth; I own 7 calendars and I can't remember what month it is. 

5. Have you ever tried car shopping with a person who has OCD and zero car-knowledge?? Don't go car shopping with me. I know exactly what vehicle I was, but don't ask me if it has 4 cylinders or 15. 

What is the most random thought you had today?

When was the last time you bought a vehicle?


  1. you make me smile!. i like the song too. i attribute it's addictability to cadence. yeah it's got that. i'm sure it's that and not that i ever thought i could just kill a man. surely not. i haven't been car shopping since 1992??? i want to buy a car but i keep praying over my old one simply so i don't have to take myself shopping. Random thought: what would thomas jefferson be posting about on facebook if he were here? and what would he say about speaking about religion and politics in every circle of life. and....i'm going to pretend like this pecan pie didn't come from a box and i'll enjoy it much more. i got lots more where those came from. i love it when curly pink posts cause i love learning more about you and seeing that super cute pic on this page....the one of YOU! kerry

  2. :) you write with a huge amount of wit.:)
    We bought a new vehicle just two days back:)

  3. Never been car shopping, but I'm actually maybe possibly seriously considering kicking tires soon. And that sounds EXACTLY like the way I would shop. I'd know the color, the look, the interior...but I'd need somebody to come along and make sure I'm not buying something with the motor capacity of a sewing machine. :)