Friday, October 4, 2013

Five Things Friday.

1. That horrible moment when you don't realize your own strength.........and bend your kitchen faucet. Seriously, who even does that? No more pushups for this girl. 

2. Last night was I was taking out the garbage in the middle of the very dark night, I realized that I only needed one hand to heft the bag. Naturally my other hand felt useless and bored and I decided to take out my earrings........and then dropped one on the ground. It's one of my very favorite pairs, so every minute I spent searching for it was worth it. 
Moral of the story- don't take your earrings out while you take the garbage out.

3. Somehow I lost or mislaid my foam roller......and my hammies have not stopped crying. If it doesn't reappear soon I'll be sneaking into my neighbor's house to use his probably break down and buy a new one.

4. Chocolate-peanut-butter-protein-pancakes consumed while watching my little brother's football game tonight. Yum. It felt strangely reminiscent of airport security when I brought my pancakes, jerky and a gallon of water into the game.....smuggled in my purse. (P.S.

5. It's supposed to be October, but it's been so humid I have to keep the windows rolled down just to sit in my car. And turn sideways when I go through the door. And hashtag about it on instagram (#curlygirlproblems, please read that in Jimmy Fallon's voice). There's no product on the face of this earth strong enough to tame this mane. 

How often do you loose an earring? 

When was the last time you snuck food into a movie theater, game or jail?

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