Monday, September 30, 2013

October Goals!

My September Goal was to NOT set any goals. I took a step back, took some time to refresh and renew my energy and it was just what the Doctor ordered  Curly Pink Runner needed.  
I spent the month of September thinking "is it October yet?" because I was so excited to set new goals. I really do love setting mini goals to help keep me be accountable to my big goals in life.


1. Double Unders.
 I consider touching a jump rope as an element of torture to begin with, let alone for double under practice. Nevertheless, I'm not about to be whipped by anything in life..............unless it's a wicked little jump rope. Ouchie. I'll be practicing my double unders every day for the month of October. No, I can't even do one, so I can only go up from here.
T-Rex Trying to do double unders!
(if T-Rex can do 'em, I can do 'em.)

2. Grocery shop, not snack shop. 
Although I eat very clean and watch my macros, I'm the queen of snack shopping. I need to prep better, but I also could save a LOT on unnecessarily spent dinero by planning ahead and avoiding those last-minute stops at the store. My goal for the month of October is to prep ALL my meals and snacks in advance so that I don't do any last-minute runs through the grocery aisles for fast snacks- even the clean ones. 

3. Start my day with truth. 
Attitude is intentional. You don't just happen upon a good attitude- you choose it. I find my ability & inspiration to choose joy from truth. I find truth in God's Word. I want the first thing I do everyday to be seeking His truth. Maybe it's a few quick verses on my Bible App on my phone before I get out of bed- it doesn't have to be long or elaborate but I want to start my day off with His truth.

Who else is setting goals for October?? 
Share your goals with me! 


  1. I snack shop a lot too..I used to meal plan all my meals and would spend around $40 a week for TWO people to was amazing!! Must get back to something like that!

  2. Elizabeth! Do you know about She Reads Truth? If not, you should Google it or find them on Twitter! It's an online daily devotional written by a community of lovely women bloggers (I think a lot of them are ladies who are married to pastors), and I love reading their stuff! I bookmarked their page, and it helps me try to remember to spend some time alone with God every day!

  3. Girl! You will get your double unders. I couldn't figure them out and they are a must for crossfit. I watched some tutuorials and it made a world of a difference. Also, I started doing 1 double under every 10 jumps, then 1 double under every 5 jumps and now 1 double under every 3. I'm hoping to get more and more in a row =) Here is a link to where you can watch one.

  4. I love your 3rd goal, I read "Jesus Calling" every morning while I eat breakfast, it's amazing. I also pray while I run and give God thanks, just talk to him, and pray for others. Major kudos to you for running after work, so impressive! I'm excited to help motivate each other, let me know if you've ever read Jesus Calling. I saw it at Barnes & Nobel, opened it up, and was hooked. Best $15 ever spent.


    1. I have heard of Jesus Calling- I just may have to get it now! Thanks!
      I'd love to visit your blog, but your profile isn't enabled, so I can't get to the link!! :(