Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Things Friday.

1. If killing spiders makes me a bad person, I want to be the WORST person you have ever met. Yes I know it's fall, and fall means spiders, but spiders mean I'm on a can have two legs or four legs but you 8 and 15 and 176 legged overachievers are getting stomped, cut into pieces, burned and fed to the goats. 

2. Sweatshirt weather is over taking the state of Kansas, and I could not be happier! If you need me, I'll be hiding in my hoodie until April 1st eating pumpkin chocolate bread and hoping for snow.

3. Sara Bareilles is an ultra-talented singer who doesn't get enough attention. Her station on my spotify is insanely good. Go take a listen, and thank me later!! 

4. I have 99 problems, and maxing out my monthly data allowance is one of them. Can it be the 22nd already?? There are 2 smart phones on our plan, and we usually use just under 3G's of our 4G allowance. Somehow this month we managed to reach of 4G limit 6 days early. 
5. Speaking of phones- who has an Iphone?? Ios 7.0 get a thumbs up or a thumbs down? I live under a heavily bearing pear tree, so I wasn't aware that we were even up for an update until my fb newsfeed started to get hammered with 7.0 hate. So far most of my friends are NOT in favor, and I'm starting to dread making the switch. Any perks? Please tell me I'll love it?!?!

What kind of phone do you have? 

Spiders or snakes-- which are worse?


  1. I have a lame ideos phone... Or huawei... I would not recommend it - cheap and nasty. I don't like either but I think snakes are def worse! :)

  2. I had no idea about the update either, but after seeing pictures of the new layout I have refused to get the update! HA! My friends SWEAR it's awesome, but I HATE NEW THINGS! SO no update for me until I HAVE TO!

  3. I truly don't get all the iOS 7 hate! I just bought the new iPhone 5s, and I love it!

  4. I am not giving into the iOS 7 yet. I have the iphone 5, not the 5s..but after seeing a few horrid updates I'll be holding off for a bit. Did you get it yet?

    and hoodie weather is the greatest! It is officially hoodie time in Maine and I'm psyched.

  5. I love Sara B too! But I didn't have her on my spotify- I do now!!
    Omg, me and spiders do not get along. They don't live long in my presence either.
    I love the new update! I'm not sure why people would be hating it?