Saturday, August 10, 2013

The (S)More the Merrier!

Smack dab in the middle of camping season, we find this wonderful day in which we celebrate the wonderful, ooey, gooey roasted perfection called the S'more.

In other words; it's National S'Mores Day. 

If you give a girl a campfire, she's gonna want a S'more......and we can thanks those girls for introducing the first S'mores to our great nation in 1927. Or maybe before, but that's when they shared the secret with us.

There never was a more delicious, or  more difficult to politely devour eat treat. 

Some fun facts about S'mores;

~ 90 million pounds of marshmallows are sold every year--- and 50% of them are used to make S'mores.

~ The first time I ever had a S'more I got marshmallow in my hair, and vowed to never eat them again because they were too messy. I have since learned to embrace the mess. Messy food tastes the best.

~ S'mores got their name because you always want 'some more'. (true, so very, very true!!)

~Some people make their s'mores using a microwave or a toaster. This is borderline evil. Open fires only for proper s'mores cooking!! 

When was the last time you had a S'more? 

Do you burn your marshmallow or slow roast it to perfection?


  1. I am now drooling after those pictures.

    I just recently made my very first smore over a fire! It was amazing. Initially I slow roasted my marshmallow, but then my neighbor taught me the burn method. Either way, I'm happy!!!!

  2. Greatest creation in the world. No seriously... I am not kidding!! I am ALWAYS up for a smore. Never a bad time for them!
    I like my marshmallow on fire... get all a crispy outside. It started that way because I never had the patience to wait for it to get golden brown, but now I honestly like the black burnt outside :)

    All I want is one right now....And yes, open fire is for sure the best!! I love that campfire smell that accompanies it :)

    Best post of the year right here!! haha Have a great Sunday!

  3. hehehe loved these fun facts! I agree, open fire is the only appropriate way to toast a s'more. I had my first s'more in Australia a few months ago, the best part was they sell pink and white marshmallows here, so my s'more was slightly pink! :)

  4. ummm. hm girl. no thanks to the smores. however i'll take a marshmellow with you on a camp fire!!!

  5. I used to BURN my marshmallows and peal the burnt layer off, and then BURN THEM again!! SO GOOD! I don't eat marshmallows these days..but give me some melted chocolate on a honey graham cracker and I will SWOON!!! YUM!