Friday, August 2, 2013

July Goals RECAP and August Goals.

July Goals;

1. Eat Clean.
FAIL. This one is a post all in itself, and I'm not quite ready to go there yet.......but I didn't come close to achieving this goal.

2. Speed Work 1x per week.
CHECK! Despite the multitude of workouts I skipped in July, my speedwork at the track was the one workout I accomplished faithfully each week. I still abhor and despise speedwork, but I realize the importance that it plays in my running and so I will continue to make it a priority.

3. Perform 5 handstand pushups. 
CHECK! I surprised myself at how quickly I accomplished this goal. I still feel wobbly performing these, but I've built up to 7 in a row. Winning! 

4. Celebrate life from a non health/fitness perspective.
WORKING ON IT! I definitely had to face life from a non health/fitness perspective this past month, but I can't say that I necessarily celebrated it.

August Goals; 
image (2)
1. 21 Day Detox Challenge.
One of my favorite bloggers is co-hosting a 21 day detox challenge, which comes at absolutely perfect timing for me. July was a less than stellar month for me and I'm sad to say there was a lot of abuse that I put my body through. My body needs a reset & reboot, and I'm looking forward to this challenge! For 21 days we will be cutting out all caffeine, dairy, gluten, red meat and all processed foods. I will also NOT be counting calories, monitoring my macros or keeping my food journal for the month of August. I've kept a faithful food journal for 2 years and it has been one of the key tools in my weight loss journey, but lately it's become one of the key components to some really damaging habits.

2. Get 6 hours of sleep per night.
'Night' being a word I am using quite loosely, since my regular night shift hours mean that often time I'm going to bed at sunrise. While still well under the recommended amount of 'healthy' sleep, a 6 hour block of sleep will be a vast improvement for me. I don't sleep enough, and adequate rest is a key component of physical, emotional and mental health.

3. Read a book.
Like a real one- with two covers and a copyright. I love reading, but it's something I never do anymore. The only things I read regularly are blogs and my RUNNERS WORLD magazines. Sometime you just need a real book- with real pages and real content. Any suggestions for a must-read?

4. Get a new 1-mile PR.
I don't like to set running goals, because they make running feel like work, but when I don't set goals, my progress is sketchy at best. My current 1 mile PR is 7:45.

Tell me about your goals!


  1. I love that you set goals each month, it's so important. I am joining you on the sleep goal for sure, it's amazing how refreshing a full night a sleep improves your mind, body, skin, everything! Nice job on the push-ups :) I have a new goal and that is to do ONE hand-stand push-up!!

  2. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
    The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
    To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
    Three excellent books I highly recommend!

  3. Do you use a wall when you do the handstand push ups?! Either way that is impressive! HA! I need to pick up a book this month..I was reading pretty consistently a few months ago and then just stopped.