Saturday, August 31, 2013

Racing Mr. Trash Truck Man.

I do believe I tempted summer to revamp the temperatures with all my fancy summer's over talk.
 Hey hey 100 degrees, nice to see you again. Since this is the week that I started bringing my mileage back up a little bit, I'm reminding myself that ahem, cool fall runs are right around the corner.

This morning I ran in an area that I don't typically run in and it was great to switch up the scenery. It was after 8 am, so the sun way UP and it was really warm. I was dripping in sweat before I made it the length of a block.
If we had a contest to see who could be the most random while out for a run, I'd win. Case in point; 

Part way through my run I started to smell something pretty wretched, which thankfully turned out NOT to be me. The trash truck and I played tag for a few minutes up the street until I said "Last one to the next bag has to lift it!" I thought I was joking, but I ended up getting beaten by a dude with a pretty mad sprint despite steel-toe boots. Nastiest bag of trash I have ever met, but I threw that sucker like a pro and the driver offered me a tootsie roll. 
The best part about it was the roofing crew on the house next door who all burst out in applause, obviously for my stellar trash-bag-lifting skills.
The second best part was it reminded me of this gem of a video. .

What's the most random thing that has ever happened to you while running?


  1. Ha! You are too funny, and way to be a good sport about dumping the trash!

  2. that is AWESOME. i'm totally doing that the next time I'm playing tag with the trash truck!!

  3. That's hilarious! Sounds like the roofing crew got a good show too! That video clip you posted is one of the funniest things I've ever seen!!

  4. Ohh my gosh!! I LOVE YOU! HAHA This is so good. I am so jazzed you heffed that bag of trash into the truck..YOU GO GIRL!