Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Things Friday.

1. I woke up this evening with 3 red, itchy, swollen bites on my face. I'm not even sure I can express how disturbing it is to know that apparently there is a (no-longer hungry) little creature in my room. Might as well sleep outside, if you're going to get eaten by bugs, you might as well see some stars at the same time!

2. Did you know that Quest bar wrappers will catch on fire in your microwave? Apparently the same rule that applies to aluminum foil also applies to quest bar wrappers. Whowouldathunkit.

3. My friend came over, hid in a dark hallway and jumped out at me when I came inside from dumping compost. I screamed and the 5 pound crock-pot I was carrying nearly destroyed her face. Sorry Katie, I hope you still love me. 

4. I absolutely despise being caught without a naturally I keep plenty with me in my vehicle at all times but it occurred to me that 6 may be overkill. I feel like Ginnifer Goodwin on Something Borrowed without the adorable laugh and obnoxious best friend (oh, wait, I do have one of those).  "You wouldn't happen to have 4 extra pens would you?"

5. Last week I was mistaken for the mother of my 19 year old friend. If I had her at the age 15, that would make me 34. I'm all about maturity but at this rate I might as well give in and let aging take over completely.

Are you guessed your age? Older? Younger?

When was the last time someone scared you?  


  1. I have two bites on my arm!! So annoying to know there's a mosquito roaming around here somewhere.

    I would have been SO MAD at my friend for doing that! I know, I'm a poor sport when it comes to that stuff! I am a big chicken when it comes to people scaring me like that, and I'd lose my mind!

    You do not look even almost close to old enough to have a 19 year old! Nonsense!

  2. Ha! I actually put a quest bar wrapper in the microwave once and that happened to me too! Who knew??
    That is ridiculous that you got mistaken for the mother of a 19 year old!! That person had to have been blind!! I get mistaken for being in my 20's. I hope that lasts for many, many years!!