Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's worse than Twerking.

Judging. Hating. Belittling. Bashing. Mocking.
So, so, SO much worse than twerking.

The performances at the 2013 VMA's have caused all types of social media mediums to blow up with commentary on the now-famous Miley Cyrus twerking session. 
Instagram: odd photo likening a chicken's butt to Miley's butt with the caption; "good heavens, someone teach that girl to squat."
Twitter: "what drug induced that version of the twerk?"
Facebook; "I can't hardly believe she shook it like that; that girl needs Jesus."

Well, yes, dear, she probably does, but your finger-pointing only advertises YOUR need for Jesus as well.
My personal opinion of the performance aside, I am calling out the haters. 
It's not okay to bash other people, regardless of their behavior. 
Actions always spring from root issues within our hearts
If someone is acting in an unusual manner, it's evidence of something within their soul that is hurting/lost/confused/searching etc.....That person who just did something that got your knickers in a knot did it because they are inwardly suffering, so don't get hung up on their behavior- see beyond face value and look to the heart. 

As a member of the fitness community, I've been amazed at the number of people who have bashed Miley, not over the explicit content of her show, but because of how her body looked. I've seen people on both sides of the fence;
Pilates/yoga perspective; "she be looking all fine, those gym sessions are working!!"
Bodybuilding perspective; "she needs to be hit with a barbell." 
Those are two extreme ends of the spectrum, but many people have been hating on Miley from a 'fitness' perspective. 
That's not what the fitness community is about. We're athletes. 
We're not sitting on our pedestals, desperate to throw stones at each other, are we? 
Each person is running their own race, lifting their own weight, fighting their own fight. 

Take the time to stop and think about the last 3 comments you made about another person. 
Was is about something they SAID? 
Something they wore?
 Something they accomplished? 
Someway they failed? 

There is more to every person than what meets your eye. 
People may not remember what you look like, but they will always remember how you made them feel
Each person we encounter makes a mark in our lives. Sometimes, their behavior/attitude/choices are negative, and have a negative impact on our life. This does not give us license to throw stones. It doesn't exempt us from our responsibility to love and build up the people in our lives. 
There are always going to be people who have a different opinion or lifestyle than we do. The runner verses the meat-head. The vegetarian verses the paleo (read; meat-at-every-meal) dieter. The Christian verses the atheist. The workaholic verses the lazy man who lives off the government. 
Every person is different, unique- special. It's not our job to try and fit each person into the same neat little box. It's our job to live our life in accordance to our conscience and our convictions and love the crap out of everyone we meet; the good, the bad and the ugly. 
Focus on the good; praise the excellent and strive for personal greatness.


(Disclaimer; I am not endorsing Miley's performance, merely using her controversial display as a springboard for greater thoughts.)


  1. I definitely agree with you on the fact that we need to be careful what we say about other people. It's so easy (and even so much fun sometimes) to talk bad about other people, but it's saying a LOT more about us than it is about them. I didn't watch the awards because I don't have cable (that and I didn't even know they were on that night), but I do not regret it. Sounds like I didn't miss anything.

    1. I didn't watch it either- but after my newsfeed blew up, I was curious enough to google- you certainly did not miss much.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. AH YES I love you for this!! While I would never do anything that Miley did and I felt sad for her because I think one day she will regret it (if not more power to her) I also think she is young and needs to make these mistakes (or just embrace her inner crazy) and people need to mind their business! Talking about it just gives her even more attention!! I love your outlook on this and frankly I get annoyed seeing all the haters!

    1. I agree- everyone who is so appalled by it is simply inspiring people to see it by talking about it non-stop!! If it hadn't have blown up my facebook newsfeed, I would never have known about it!!

  3. I love your point of view on this. You brought up so many valid points.
    I honestly don't think she's doing anything differently than Madonna or Britney Spears did when they were her age. I think the prevalence of social media is making this one VMA performance way more of an issue than it needs to be. We are so quick to pass judgment on Miley and for all we know... this is exactly what she wanted. All the media hype, all the press, etc. My guess is she knew exactly what she was doing when she planned her performance.

    1. AGreed! I don't think she is sitting at home going "geez, that really blew up and got so much more attention than I thought it would!" She knew just what she was doing!!

  4. Well, shoot! I haven't seen it yet- and now i want to.
    You stated your point well. And I agree.. It is not my place to judge anyone else.

  5. I didn't see the performance, but I love this post. You have such a beautiful heart!