Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some days you feel like Rambling.

Some mornings you snooze through both your 'time to work out' and 'time to make yourself look decent' alarms and have to choose between running late or making yourself look presentable.

Some days you are organized and plan ahead and thaw steak for supper, and spend all day at work dreaming about preparing a fore-mentioned iron-laden deliciousness for your supper only to arrive home and cut into it and find it utterly unfit for human consumption.
 (what IS that smell? is there a dead mouse in my kitchen? oh no, it's my supper.)

Some days you improvise and pepper steak becomes tilapia + ham + onions and is pretty darn delicious.

Some days you drink coffee at the unwise hour of 2130 (9:30 pm if you don't do Military Time) and are reminded at 0230 why such a practice is not recommended. 1 sheep.....2 sheep........3 sheep........why have we no lambs?

Some days you have a hair appointment scheduled at 10am and you wake up with knots in your stomach because you HAVE to cut your hair lest a third person in two weeks asks if you are trying that new retro hairstyle called; 'I'm a homeless person and own no shampoo', but the last time you had a hair cut you swore you could never leave the house again and wore a hat for 3 weeks straight.

(this is my 'how I feel about haircuts, snakes, radio station commercials' face.)

Some days you have a to-do list with the same amount of check-marks as there are items on said list and other days it's eenie meenie miney moe- which item on my to-do list is NOT going to get carried over until tomorrow?

Some days you wash your car and at your next errand the only available parking space happens to be under the tree. 20 minutes later when you return to your car; "wow birds, you really out-did yourselves this time."

Some days you run past a grave yard on your run and get caught with the sudden urge to run in and read all the tombstones and pick out which one you would choose for your grave if you HAD to pick one that was already in the graveyard. (oh, just me?? carry on.)

 Some days you drive through the middle of hilly-billy no where and just like that a fresh, pretty little pop of color catches your eye. You can't go wrong with a Tiffany-blue yard gate.

Some days the man behind you in line pays for you $1 coffee "because it's Tuesday and the sun came out when you walked in".

Some days you leave late, have to stop to fuel up, get caught in road work x2 and STILL arrive on time because you thought your appointment was set for o'clock but was really set for o'thirty.

 Some days you take what you remember as the 'short-cut' only to find yourself dead-ending in a cornfield. (On these days you thank God that it hasn't rained in the previous 24 hours so you don't get completely stuck.)

Some days you hear one of your current favorite jams not once; but twice on the way to work.
(guess that lyric- "go and hide your crazy and start acting like a lady")

Some days a friend texts you at just the exact moment you need a little bit of love, and even though they don't say much- what they say is exactly what you needed.

Life is not about the flash-bang moments. It's not comprised of the big-ticket moments that we plan, and prepare and dream and wish for. It's those little things that we fail to notice or appreciate. Life is found in the value of the little, insignificant day-to-day tasks and challenges.

Love the little things and you will love your life.

Tell me something little that happened in your day!


  1. Some days you set 3 alarms for bootcamp and still manage to sleep through all 3! UGH.

    I love this post! I didn't have the greatest day so thanks for making me smile!

  2. love this! especially this "Some days the man behind you in line pays for you $1 coffee "because it's Tuesday and the sun came out when you walked in"."
    I'm also loving Miranda Lambert!
    Some days you stay up late reading a book you can't put down, and really regret it the next morning when the alarm goes off! ;)