Sunday, May 5, 2013

Run like a Duck.

Two weeks ago I ran a marathon.
One week ago I went for my first post-marathon run. 3 miles @ 10:30 pace.
Today I went for my first run-for-me run.

I feel like those first three sentences built this post up to be deep and fraught with wisdom, humor and one-liners worth sharing. I'm afraid all you're going to find is the crazy disjointed thoughts of a girl rambling about running topped off with a duck-face selfie. I try to be unique in my blogging style but I've found that the duck -face is just like your favorite lbd. When in doubt; duck-face.

It may be May, but the weather is dragging it's feet it was cold and windy. My plan had been to run first thing in the morning but I wimped out and decided to get it in on the treadmill later in the day. Procrastination worked in my favor because by mid-afternoon, I found my mo-jo and hit the gravel for 3 quick miles. 

It was ultra weird not to look at my splits. I was super interested to see how fast I was running since I've run just 3 miles in the past two weeks. I was craving a hard run, so I ran what I felt was my 'push pace'. It was still windy so I had a tailwind for the last 1.5 which didn't quite make up for running into it for the first 1.5, but it took away the most significant wind-hating vibes I was feeling. 

Being bad at math also worked in my favor since I knew roughly what time it was when I left the house, and what time I finished. I hate math enough that it would require a calculator to figure out how long I was running. Instead; I counted cows, but I ran out of fingers.

Gettin' my camouflage on.
Good thing it's not duck season.

Do you do the duck-face?


  1. You are adorable. I love your cow photo and of course your duck faced selfie! Awesome job on the run!!

  2. lmaoooo i LOVE that someecard! your duckface is a lot more attractive that my go-to awkward picture face.. I'll have to post a pic later haha

  3. hahaha you are too cute! Nice job with your run :)

  4. Love that picture of you =) I cant wait til my first post-marathon run! How's your shin?