Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

 I hope you are having a beeeautiful week!

Last night I ran a 7 miler after supper and then crashed as soon as I got clean, so when I woke up this morning I was rungry (read- a runner who is HUNGRY!)!! I threw together my favorite breakfast scramble- 2 egg & 2 egg whites, 1 onion & handful of spinach. Since I was abnormally hungry I threw in several pieces of sweet potato left over from supper last night- it was delicious! Totally hit the spot and held me over through a pretty busy morning.

I slept with my windows open last night which is an absolute guarantee for waking up in an exceptionally good mood. My day only got better from there when this little cutie showed up! My friend Natalie dropped her little munchkin off for a couple hours while she hit up Crossfit. We had a blast playing hide and go seek in the curtains, painting toenails (sorry we forgot to ask first Mom!!) and stacking pegs.

After she had to crash the party and go home with her Mom, I was off to a photo-shoot for my sister and her family. She has 6 of the cutest (and I'm not just being biased!) kids I have ever seen and we had perfect weather for the photos!! They really made my job easy! I have yet to find something that I WON'T do in order to make kids smile during a photo shoot. Today I added chewing on a tree branch to my list- those smiles were worth it! 

Speaking of smiles---
I try to add a little bit of humor to all my posts, and this e-card has me straight up giggling!!

This evening I completed an ab and arm circuit and my arms felt like jello. If you want to kill your shoulders an triceps try holding a reverse plank for 60 seconds and then move directly into a set of 20 tricep dips with your feet elevated. Burn!!

I was really craving a run, but I didn't really want to go too crazy after my 7 miler last night. I'm trying to be conservative about my mileage and not push too hard just to be super cautious with my shin. It feels fantastic,  and I am SO glad!
Running GPS-less is an entirely different animal! This evening I was swarming with a million different feelings during my run. Measuring by effort, I felt like I was running semi-hard miles- not push miles, but I wasn't dragging my feet. At the same time, I felt like I was running slow-- like I was sitting at a 10-10:30 pace, which for me is easy/recovery effort speed. It felt too hard effort-wise to be as slow as I felt speed-wise. It made me realize just how much I have transfered my inner pacing rythym to the read out of my GPS. I am looking forward to my next couple of runs and listening closer to my body and how I feel!  
What is your favorite Maroon Five band member SONG? Daylight, but I've yet to hear a song they sing that I DON'T trip over!

Where did you run today? gravel roads & through town during the 6 o'clock hour- hello tantalizing BBQ smells from every house!!

If you could get tickets and zoom off to any location today, where would you go? definitely Australia-I'd even have someone to run with!!

Be sure to check in tomorrow- I'll be announcing my next running adventure- SUPER psyched about it!! 


  1. Sleeping with an open window is the best. I hate getting rungry..I get mean. HAHA. My all time favorite Maroon 5 song is she will be loved!

  2. nice job with your run! I'm headed off a run soon because the weather finally cleared here and the sun is out! If I could be anywhere right now it would be a tropical island !

  3. hahaha love it! YES come visit me and we could definitley run together!! Nice job on the 7 miles!
    I agree, sleeping with the windows open brightens my morning too.
    I ran some hills today, but stayed where I had an ocean view, because that made the hills a little less painful!