Friday, May 3, 2013

May Goals!

Happy Friday!! Welcome to the weekend- what are you doing with yours?
I wanted to take a few minutes to recap my April goals, and set my new May goals!!

--April Goals--
1. Drink more water. Check! I averaged at least 80 ounces a day.
2. Stretch before running. Check! I forgot once or twice, but I did encorporate stretching into my standard running routine. 
3. Finish my 1st Marathon. Check!! Read the recap HERE! 
4. Daily Hiit Video. Fail! I did manage to add in a video from their website 2 or 3 times a week, but I missed my 'once a day' mark.

5. Say NO to negativity. Mmmm.......I'd say this is a 50/50 toss up. Some days I did really great, other days it was a flood of nastiness. 
April was an extremely hectic month for me, and kind of a roller coaster for me physically and emotionally!! I completed my 30 day Paleo experiment, ran my first marathon and then took two weeks off running in order to allow my silly shin to recover.
I set goals because I want to improve myself every day and it gives me something to aim for. I'm excited to get focused on new goals this month!


1. Turn off electronics at 10pm.
I work a fair amount of night shifts, so those nights are obviously excluded from this goal. But for the days when my schedule follows the 'normal' pattern, 10pm is lights out for the computer/phone!

2. Let freakin' Go.
Type-a, OCD, control freak. They're my greatest strengths, but they are also my biggest weaknesses and sources of insecurity. I can't, shouldn't and ultimately DON'T want to control my life, and every little aspect of it. I'm purposing to STOP micro-managing and just let things go. Ride it out. Chill-ax.

During my two week running siesta, I was contemplating what my next 'running goal' would be. I'm not ready to start training for another specific race yet, and I also want to balance out my cross training & strength training schedule now that marathon training isn't a major time-suck; but I do want to have something to challenge myself in regards to running. I was thrilled when I saw this challenge on Cori's blog-- just the perfect thing for me right now. I get so easily caught up with the ultra-details of my running that I allow the specifics of my time/pace/splits to steal the pure joy of running. Especially on the heels of my possible stress-fracture scare, I'm looking forward to unplugging and running for me.

4. Cut out distractions during meals.
It's come to my attention that meal-time is probably my greatest multi-tasking window of time each day. I rarely (read- NEVER) just eat a meal- I'm always doing something else. Breakfast- while driving to work. Lunch- at my desk at working. Supper- doubled with studying, blogging, other computer work. It's not a healthy habit, and I'd rather make eating while multi-tasking a rare occasion instead of a daily practice.

Anyone else setting May Goals??? 
link up in the comments!

What is the biggest goal you've ever set and accomplished?


  1. I literally agree with all of your goals! YOU are inside my head now, girl! I'm stealing your last one :)

  2. I have GOT to start unplugging at night! At one point, I did at 9 pm, and I loved it. I actually had time to read and relax before falling asleep, but it fell off the wayside. I've seen the cartoon you included, and that is SO ME!

    I am also a control freak, and it can be really bad. I need to let go as well.

  3. I love that you set goals, I need to be better about writing mine down! I'm definitley joining in on your electronics rule and your "let-go" rule! Those are 2 I need serious help with!