Friday, March 8, 2013

Pink Treadmills for the win.

Hey- hey- it's FRIDAY!! Congratulations- you just lived another awesome week!
Welcome to the weekend! What are YOU going to do to live it up this weekend??
Because of my funky schedule, yesterday was my 'Monday', so my work week is just beginning. Weekend? What is that??
I've decided that the only way for me to stop hating the treadmill is to get a pink one. How could I hate such a beauty as this?! Anyone loving this as much as I am? If your treadmill was a color, what would it be?
I had a fabulous  6 mile run last night, one of the best runs I've had yet this year! Maybe I'm slowly edging out of my running rut?? Me hopes yes! I've been amping up the incline for my treadmill sessions, alternating between 2% and 3% incline. I love the extra challenge and I feel like it's a little bit more true-to-life, since my zip code includes a large dose of hills.
One of my goals is to find the humor in everything in life, even the not-so-awesome things. While I don't love the insomnia that has been plaguing my life lately, I do love this clever spin on the word. So far I've been able to avoid the late night munchies, definitely a good test of my self control!  
Tomorrow I plan to squeeze in my long run (16 miles, here I come!!) before work. The forecast is predicting rain and 15-20mph wind......not ideal conditions, but rain or shine I'll be hitting the pavement! I'm looking forward to this long run since I've missed two in a row.
Do you run in the rain? How 'bad' does the weather have to get before you move your run indoors?

Life is beautiful my friends-- savor it!


  1. Good luck on your 16 miler! I have 17 tomorrow and it's supposed to rain here in Texas too! But I actually kind of like running in the rain, the wind though, not so much. Hope it goes well for you.

  2. Oh, and that picture of you is gorgeous! :)

  3. you're gorgeous!!
    Love that treadmill!
    HAPPY long run day - jealoussss!! Have fun!

    I wouldn't run if it's absolutely pouring out. I found out that I just cannot run when there's so much unshoveled snow on the sidewalks!!