Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday feels like Wednesday.

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a relaxing and refreshing weekend.

Saturday's long run did not happen. This is wildly frustrating and I will admit, I am panicking. I have a marathon to RUN in 5 weeks and I have now missed two full weeks of training, and an additional 3 long runs. While I am cleared to run by my Doctor, my training has stalled. Time to kick it into over-drive and get some serious work in. 5 weeks gonna make it or break it for my 26.2.
Marathoners- what is the best thing to focus on at this point in training??

Regardless of missing my run, last night I had a wicked good gym session after work. I did a weight/cardio circuit and 4 minutes of planking (1 minute regular, 1 minute each side, 1 minute regular).  I was tempted to skip the gym because I was working a turn-around shift and with daylight savings it made for an incredibly short night but had too much frustration and discouragement left from missing my run to go straight home post work. I'm happy to say I left most of my frustration in a puddle of sweat on the floor. Somethings are outside of our control, so we just let them happen.

Am I the only person who freaks out about being late for work during DST?? I know my smart phone is designed to automatically roll-over to the current time but I'm always afraid that it's going to bleep out on me and make me late for work. I always set my alarm clock and wake up to watch my phone switch from 0159 to 0300 just to be sure. 
Trivia- did you know that the state of Arizona does not observe DST?

Sweat like a boss.

Delicious- no?? When I got home I had some man-sized hunger in me. (Read that again, I don't mean what you think I meant.) I've been going through a truckload of eggs lately and last night I kept throwing in additional ingredients. In the pan went an onion, black olives, spinach and bacon.  

Am I the only person who gets this lovely sight every single time they make scrambled eggs? And horrors- I was even using a non-stick pan. I'm going to blame it on my electric stove-- I started making scrambled eggs when I was in 3rd grade and I never had such burning issues until I moved out and transitioned from a gas stove to an electric stove.
Do you use a gas stove, electric stove or your boyfriend's abs to cook your food?

What are you doing TODAY to make yourself epic??

Tell me about your week-end!
 What was the most awesome thing you did/saw/ate/experienced?

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  1. Sorry your run didn't happen! I know that's a bummer and kind of discouraging. Don't give up, you can still do it you will have just to be creative with training. I would say getting up to at least 18 miles is for sure needed, 20 is great if possible within the next 2 weeks. But worst case is you end up dropping down and running the half. And walking is not the end of the world either! Good luck and I hope it comes together for you.