Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where I've Been.......

A very Merry Christmas to each one of you! I hope you were able to celebrate with your loved ones!

It's been an incredibly busy month, and I decided to just take a few weeks break from blogging. I wanted to focus my extra energy and time with family and friends and so blogging had to take back burner. I plan to return to blogging in full force now.....get ready for an exciting training announcement!! :)

Christmas 2012- this is about 1/3 of my family.

Beautiful Birthday flowers from a special friend.  

My family celebrated Christmas at the beginning of the month and we were all able to come home with the exception of my skype had to bridge the gap for us. Nothing like having him there in person, but seeing and hearing him made it a little bit better. 

Operation Cookie Tray Day. I love making special treats to bring to friends, neighbors and co workers.  

Coffee dates with the sister.

Trips to my parent's house to read all their Christmas cards and eat their Florida oranges. 

Running in 6 degree weather with 2 inches of snow on the ground. (In capris. Not my brightest moment!)

Working-- love my job!

I am so excited to welcome 2013!! I absolutely love starting a new year and all the goals and adventure that I begin to plan and experience. Life is wonderful!


  1. What a beautiful family pic!
    I have not ran in a while..longer than I'll admit. Yikesss. Good for you for getting out there - even in that snow!

    I am veery excited for the new year as well, I love the feeling of new beginnings :D

  2. I love seeing updates in your life! I feel like I miss out on so much! :(
    You look great in that green jacket! ;)
    - Kourtney

  3. I can't wait to hear about your new training goal! And I love hearing that you celebrated Christmas at the beginning of the month. I came home to TN today and we celebrated like it was Christmas morning.