Monday, December 10, 2012

Baby, it's Cold Outside!

Happy Monday to YOU!! I love Mondays. They are my favorite day of the week and I always fall asleep excited Sunday night, just because I get to wake up the next morning and it be Monday.

I took the entire week off from running last week. Following my 10 miler on Sunday I was feeling a little bit run down and had some wierd soreness in my left ankle. I say I was playing it safe and taking a rest week, but I'm pretty sure I was just lacking the motivation to actually move my caboose and get my runs in. It was a combination of both, and whatever my reasoning was, I'm super glad I took a rest week and I was ready to come back to my running with a veangence! My goal is to run 15 miles this week.

This morning I only needed about 1/2 of my fingers to count the degrees on the the thermometer. Dude it was cold. I had a buddy to run with otherwise I might have wussed out- it was COLD!!! We made it 2 speedy miles, just enough to start the day out right. Seriously, starting my day with a run is my favorite. Always.

After it warmed up (to a whooping 19 degrees) my sister and I headed out for another 3 miles to bring my total for the day to 5. I didn't time my early run, but my second run for the day was about a 9.30 pace so I was pretty happy with that.

When we got back from our run my sister made me promise to never let her wear this outfit 'in public'. I wasn't sure what this meant since we ran on a highway with plenty of traffic AND through town and everyone and their Grandma was out in their yard to watch us chug past. I think it's adorable.  

How cold is 'too cold' for you to run?? This is my first winter running, and I'm not sure what it too cold for me yet. I was worried this morning that I was going to burn up my lungs, but they actually felt great the whole run. I couldn't tell that I was inhaling frozen air. It was cold, but relatively comfortable. I always heat up during my runs and I don't wear that many layers because I will overheat. The first 1/2 mile is usually pure misery but then I'm warm and cozy for the rest of the run.


  1. You are adooooooooooorableeeeee!!

    Hmm, I think any weather has been too cold for me lately. haha. Or, I'm just a wimp and need to suck it up!!

  2. I can't believe you can run when it's that cold! My limit is about 35 degrees, and only if the sun is out. ;)
    I LOVE your pink hat! So cute!