Friday, December 28, 2012

Four Best Friends.

Without a doubt, one of the best things in my life is my amazing, amazing, AMAZING family. I am so blessed. Growing up my parents always encouraged us to make relationships a #1 priority and have a 'we are forever' attitude. Relationship are hard work. But they are SO worth it! Growing up in a large family was fun because there was always someone to play with, or another sibling to help you with your chores. But being an adult in a large family is so precious- best friends that know you better than ANYBODY because you've lived, worked and played together from your very earliest memories!! :)
Each of my siblings has a super special place in my heart and I am so grateful for each one.
As each season of life brings change, the dynamics of the relationships change too.

Age order from left to right.
The four of us were born within 5 years, around 18 months apart.  I may be the oldest, but I'm the shortest by a full foot. :)
In this past year the four of us have become a pretty tight knit bunch and have had so much fun together. The boys had been asking to take some pictures so for Christmas I surprised them with a photo shoot! It was soo much fun!!

This girl is like another one of my limbs. When I was 12 we fought SO much that my Mom banned me from any communication with any of my friends. She told me that if I couldn't learn to get along with my sister, I would not be a good friend either. At the time I had close to 20 penpals that I wrote weekly and I had to stop cold turkey after awkward "I'm too mean to my sister to get to continue writing to you" letters. 
It could have backfired on my Mom, but it worked wonders and after a few rocky months (my poor parents and the drama of two pre-teen girls......) we became the best friends that we are today.

I've learned so much about hard work from Moses! You will not find a harder worker anywhere! Moses and I were always good buddies growing up, mostly because we both adored football so much. Moses is such a gentleman and you cannot lift a finger around him- every door, chair, box, pitcher of water, whatever is off limits when he is around!!   

Circle of love and support!

Not everyone is blessed with siblings. If you are blessed with siblings - cherish them! It is never too late to start developing a deep relationship. Been estranged for years?? Begin again! Write that letter, say your sorry, send that text, buy that plane ticket, call just because, pray for their success and safety.
 Micah and I used to fight like cats and dogs during my last few years in High School. We had to 'start fresh' so many times........many tearful angry fights later, we are such best buds. We love to go hunting together and he is my biggest cheerleader when I run. During my 1/2 marathon he sent me texts every 1/2 hour encouraging me. He's a keeper.

One of the most precious things that we share together as siblings is our faith in Christ! There is nothing better than prayer and worship time with these three.


Photo Credits go to Miranda Young of Miranda Young Photography!! Like her on Facebook!


  1. I can't stress it enough - you have such a beautiful , beaaautiful family.

    what's even better is to hear how close you guys are. I'm also very close to mine, and it is such a blessing.
    May you four continue to be the best of friends! <3

  2. This post is so precious, Elizabeth! Thank you for your testimony!

  3. These pictures are going to carry some amazing memories for you. It's such an encouragement to see how close you all are! And it's so good to be reminded that the journey to get there hasn't been/isn't easy. I pray that you never give up on each other.
    <3 you,
    P.S. Can I just add the fact that these pictures are also amazing simply because y'all are so good-looking? :D