Tuesday, October 30, 2012

9 miler.

Last week was crazy. I know I over-use some words, but this time it's just applicable. :)
My 9 miler was supposed to happen Saturday, but we spent almost every hour of daylight in the car, so I couldn't make it happen. I was paranoid that the entire weekend was going to get away from me without accomplishing my run, so I even flirted with the idea of making it happen on the treadmill, but I couldn't bring myself to. I want to continue loving running, and treadmills are a definite deal-breaker.

It was cold Sunday but it warmed up just perfectly for my run after work. It was bright and sunny, a bit breezy and there was no traffic on my route.

It was a perfect run. The first 5 miles flew by and I felt great. It was hands down the best run I've had all month. I kept a 10.03 minute pace, and at the end all 9 miles were within 6 seconds of each other. Pacing Queen at your service. 
I had never tried shot blocks before, but I'm officially hooked. I've always been a sucker for gummy fruity candy. I tried the black cherry flavor and it was fantastic. I took the shot block at mile 7 and the last two miles were a breeze. I was nervous that my stomach would feel weird because my stomach is extremely sensitive when I am running, but it was fine. Double win!

I saved a tire. Hopefully mine. No flat tires, please and thank you.

9 miler is in the books!!

Anyone have a successful long run this week end??


  1. None of your pictures have worked for some reason.. ? :(

    That's sooo good! 9 miles is fantastic. My stomach is very very sensitive and I'm always scared to eat anything during a run. I am definitely going to look into shot blocks!

  2. great job on that run!! and props to the pacing queen! :)

  3. Nice! I am dying to run again!!!!!!!

  4. Congrats on getting that nine miler in! And even bigger congrats on doing so well and loving it so much. Smart move on not treadmilling it. I think I did 10 on one once and felt like I was a mouse on a wheel. I love Shot Blocks. Have you tried the honey stinger fruit bites? They're yummy too and a little softer to chew too. I also want to try the honey stinger waffles.

  5. Meghan- thanks for stopping by!! I have never tried the honey stinger fruit bites....now I want to try them right away!! :)