Friday, October 26, 2012

Run like a Deer.

Today before work I decided to get a good scout-out of my local walk-in-hunting grounds. Every year before the hunting season begins I do a walk around to make sure I am sure of the boundaries and also aware of any new building, houses, farm implements. Safe hunting requires properly knowledge and education!! I decided to just run the route around the property and kill two birds with one stone.

Walk-in hunting is very common in our area. They are not always the most productive spots because they tend to be hunted pretty aggressively, but you never really know.

I had a fabulous run! About 1/2 way into my 3rd mile I almost had to stop and just cry for minute. I have had nothing but horrible runs this month and they have been so draining. Finally having a run where I felt strong, hit my groove and absolutely loved every minute of it was overwhelmingly awesome. It was a much needed attitude booster and just in time for my long run this weekend- a 9 miler, which will be my longest run to date and I'm going to have to squeeze into a really long weekend!  

Tree line in a cornfield. If you are not a hunter- this is a good thing. :)

My earbuds. And me.

The sun came out for the last mile of my run! Hello shadow girl!!  

Post-run fuel- whole wheat crepes, cottage cheese and a banana. Absolutely delicious and filling!


  1. What a fantastic run, I hope you keep the momentum going over the weekend!

  2. I liked the hunting tour! We don't have access to corn doesn't grow well here. And all the flat land is pretty much locked up as private property& our hunting is in the trees or in the timber areas that have been cleared- all mountains. I have never hunted, but my husband does. I hope you get a big one!
    Also glad to read you had such a great run :) - small blessings. Hope your 9 miler went well.

  3. What a beautiful run! And those crepes looks amazing!! How did you make them?