Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Run with your homies.

For the past 8 months my younger brothers have been some of my biggest cheerleaders as I began running. They honk when the drive past me on the road, make impressed faces when I talk about pacing and negative splits and upcoming races and tell all of their friends and co workers about their two sisters that run. The complete strangers who have approached me and said "so, marathon training- how goes it?"; are thanks to them. :)
 The other nights we were just chilling out after they got off work and while I prepared for a night shift. My sister and I got a wild hair to run a couple miles before dark and on a whim, my brothers decided to join us!! They are extremely athletic and can play any sport there is, but neither of them are runners........so they think!!

Just some crazies out for a run!

Sprinting!! Moses is a total speedster when it comes to the sprint! He's hands down the fastest in the short run.
We kept it short- just two quick miles. It was no contest keeping up with those boys- they left us in the dust!!! :) We all finished under 19 minutes, with Moses 'winning' with a time of 14.26.

Our family is incredibly close and we have always made it top priority to keep our relationships strong. As my siblings have become adults, our relationships have become stronger than ever! I am blessed to count my siblings as some of my best friends!! I'm the oldest, followed immediately by Tabitha 19 months younger. Moses (on the right) is 17, and Micah (in the back) is almost 16. Yes, I have incredibly attractive siblings, they got the height and cute genes in the family. You are welcome for posting the pictures. :)
That is just a mini-view of my family..........I have a total of 6 sisters and 5 brothers.........you do the math! :)

Of course the debate here was the correct way to stand in order to make your legs look runner-like impressive.......

..............Tabitha obviously won.

Gun show!!!

I absolutely refuse to let an entire photo shoot go by without bombing at least one. :)

Tabitha and I obviously have a great deal of room to improve when it comes to the 'funny face' shot. I obviously need to take notes from Micah- he nailed it.

I love these 3!!

Do you run with your family members??

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  1. How cool that you have a big family too! I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers, and I'm a twin. :)
    I LOVE being part of a huge family. We're all very close too. Great pics!
    Oh, and I'm the only runner. :( I've tried to get some of them to join me, but they won't!