Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Homeschooling and the things I don't miss!!

I was blessed to be homeschooled K-12 and it was an amazing experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. My parents made an unbelievable sacrifice to homeschool me and my siblings and I could not be more grateful!!
I was one of those kids who got geeked out excited about school, thought pencils were the best birthday gift ever and color-coded all my daily planner schedules. Blue- math, green- science, orange- health, pink- writing.....etc.... This year I have been especially nostalgic about my school days and wishing that they weren't over. I miss school. Or maybe I just miss the simplicity of life when the biggest question of the day was x -3 + 8 =  ____ instead of;  "wow, is this mortgage jacked or what???"

This morning I got in an 4.5 mile run with my friend Natalie. We had a killer head wind, but we had really good times regardless!!  
After my run my Mom called me and asked me to pick up something for her at the meat locker.  Eyeballs? I was assuming that was static on the cell phone. Hmmm... when the owner of the meat locker sees you and says "oh, thank you for getting here so quickly, I didn't want these sitting in my fridge any longer!!!" --- RUN. RUN FAST!

yes those are eyeballs.
Just another day in school- dissecting eyeballs. Neat-o.
Maybe I don't miss school anymore..........gone are the days of dissecting!! Yay!!! :)

Did your teacher allow you to create your own trashcan?? Silas (read- youngest sibling- almost 8!) was tickled to show me this trashcan that he created all by himself and keeps right next to his desk. "It's for my pencil shavings, or gum, or like anything I want to throw away, except my spelling paper because Mom said I couldn't throw that out. I empty it into the real trashcan every night. So it's not like, "technically" a real trashcan, but it's mostly real. Isn't yellow a good color for it too?" Those are his words- could he be any cuter!!!

Extra tickle time with Silas while we work through the trials of 'take-aways'?? I'm all over it!


  1. Eyeballs! Ewww!! Love your faces! Lol
    That's cool that you were homeschooled, I was for most of the time too. I went to public school a couple years. I am now homeschooling my stepson, and loving it!

  2. gag. eyeballs. blech.

    I wasn't homeschooled - but I was definitely geeked out, excited for school. I loved school. ;)

  3. Eyeballs?! YUCK! that is one thing my kiddos will never dissect. At least not in my house! =) I didnt know you were HSd! Do you live in Omaha or were you just visiting?

    1. We live about 90 miles south of Omaha- just across the KS/NE border. I have a married sister and lots of friends in Omaha, so we make monthly trips up there. :)

  4. Oh fun! Well if you're ever up here for a race let me know, or ever up here for a weekend run-would be fun to connect!

  5. That would be awesome! I will definitely let you know and we can got for a run together! If you hear of any super awesome races in Omaha- let me know!