Monday, September 10, 2012

one fine day.

Any day that starts without the annoyingness we know as an alarm clock is a good day in my book! If only my internal alarm clock wasn't so attracted to 6:30am. :)

Had a fabulous workout this morning before I was fully awake. Whew! Nothing like sweat dripping into your eyes to really get you awake!

Meet Sue! Sue is a friend of mine and I do home care for on occasion when her full time care-giver is not available. If she is having a good day, we like to take trips and go on adventures together!! It takes a special person to put up with my random singing habits, crazy photo taking obsession but Sue just puts up with me no matter what. :)  

Today she was feeling good enough to make a trip to Kansas City for some shopping. It was a perfect day for shopping- cool and sunny and the stores were deserted! Perfect! I love shopping but I won't even go into a crowded store.  
Who knows what dorky pose I was trying to strike. Cute dress, no?? TJ Maxx will hook you up! It was dreadfully cute, but not in budget. I may or may not have just stayed in the dressing room for an extra ten minutes just enjoying wearing it. "yes, dear sweet dressing room attendant, I am still alive and breathing". :)

Sue's favorite place to eat is Chipotle, so we usually eat lunch there. I have yet to stray from my favorite-- Burrito Bowl with barboca, black beans, corn, mild salsa, fajita and guac! Yummy!

When it comes to shopping are you a Spendy Sandra or a Stingy Sarah??

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