Monday, September 3, 2012


We all need a good 3 day week end sometime. One day for fun, one for family and one to do absolutely nothing. :)

Saturday was our fun day. We started the day bright and early with a local 5k. Last year they had a huge turnout and a whole swarm of runners, but it was significantly smaller this year. The atmosphere wasn't as exuberant and exciting, but not nearly as intimidating either!!

My running buddy Natalie ran this with me and the girl made it look like a piece of cake!!
Me & Natalie. See the snazzy shirts that came with registration??

Tabitha, Natalie & I.
My sister had a great race! We ran a 5k with an almost identical route in May and she had some leg/cramping issues and I ended up catching up with her and finishing together. She pulled away from me right at the start of the race and I was tickled to not see her again until the finish!! Yay!! She despises running on cement, but manages to clean house regardless. She came in 4th woman and 8th over all. :)

The little dude in the neon shirt came in 4th place over all with a time of 20:15. (I'm preeeety sure that was his result, don't quote me.) The little speedster told me the key to winning was neon running gear. Duly noted son, duly noted.

There wasn't a whole lot of time in the schedule between the run and a retirement party for our dear friend Karen! Karen has been known affectionately as our 'Library lady' for 25 years and is newly retired. Our small town Library has always been a step above the rest thanks to her hard work and dedication! We will miss her!  

Saturday night we got in some more great girl time with Grace! She took us to Old Market in downtown Omaha. If you saw three girls walking around laughing uncontrollably and tripping on bricks, that was us.
sunset, smiles & sunroof hair.

I accept gifts in all shapes and sizes; but I reccommend popcorn flavored jelly beans. Growing up my Grandma had a chicken feeder full of jelly beans on her kitchen counter. She always scolded us when we picked through them to get our favorite flavors, but she never made us stop. Looking back, I'm pretty sure her favorite flavor was popcorn too........the poor sweet lady never got any after we visited!
Tabitha and I must be related. 9 times out of 10 we make the same face for pictures.

After church on Sunday 3 of my brothers got together with friends for some football. I'm not about to miss a chance to cheer at any football game, let alone if my brothers are playing!! Loosing my voice was totally worth it. :)
Cheer team!!

Karlie, Anna & I.
Red Mango is a must for Sunday afternoons!!

Labor day has always been an official work day in our family with a multitude of projects. This is one of the first days in family history that there isn't a to-do list. We're turning over a new leaf. :)

Is today your work-the-hardest or work-the-least day??


  1. :) Thanks for the follow - looking forward to following your blog and your journey!

  2. Great job on the race. I'm afraid soon I will be too big to race:( and thank you for your wonderful heartfelt comments on my blog this morning. I really appreciate you:)