Thursday, September 20, 2012

1. Midnight shifts are a Pinterest addict's best friend. I can't speak from experience, but I do a fair amount of pinning. I appreciate the multitude of recipes and have found some absolutely perfect concoctions!
2. I am definitely in an apple mood! My friend Natalie and I made some super tasty apple pie filling a couple of weeks ago and I have used it in everything but pie. :) It's great in oatmeal! When we made it we used more spices and less sugar so it's almost exclusively just appley goodness and not too sweet. 

3. I was happy to introduce my nephew and niece to a new passion- K-State football. They watched nearly the entire game with me on Saturday night. Neither of their parents are even remotely interested in sports of any nature, so I've taken complete responsibility for instilling a deeply rooted love for K-State athletics in them. 

4. Yesterday we celebrated my brother's 16th birthday. He's quite the cute little jokester. While we were eating his birthday supper he remarked "You know, I was just thinking today that I haven't had a birthday in a whole year!" :) 

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