Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pedal Time.

Justice is an expert at riding bikes so we loaded up the bikes and went to try out some trails at a local park. It was a perfect day- overcast and breezy but still warm! 

Justice was extremely proud of this picture that he took on my phone. "I should totally get a phone because the pictures I take are like basically perfect."

Biking Buddy!

You can tell they are related- same silly cheesy grin! Despite the fact that they don't look particularly tickled, we did have an awesome time! 

As soon as he spied this puddle, he was begging to ride through it. I initially told him no, but finally relented providing that he took a shower when we got home. He debated if it was worth it for a few minutes, but it lured him in. On his first pass through he went slowly and didn't get dirty at all. His second try he was more successful. :)

The park is really nice, with well maintained trails and several bridges and waterways and lots of shade. I'd definitely come here to run-- I think the full loop is somewhere south of 3 miles, but it's pretty enough it'd be fun to run twice. This is a huge compliment coming from me- I  am not fond running the same route everyday at all. One part of the path does go underneath an overpass and there were blankets and clothes and evidence of some homeless people living there, although no one was there while we were there. This does make me a bit uneasy, so I'd definitely proceed with caution- safety first! Take a running buddy or your dog. But if you are in the Parsons, KS area, check it out! 

I'm loving this one-on-one time with them and glad that my sister & her husband have a chance to get away and have time together alone. Family is the best! 


  1. I don't know if you know this, but my husband was in a VERY serious bike accident and had a horrible head injury. Thankfully, he was wearing a helmet (and it likely saved his life!) - Just a friendly reminder about the importance of helmets - only because it really made a big difference in my life!! :) Looks like a wonderful bike ride!

  2. Ann-- thank you for the reminder- you are so right! It didn't even cross my mind until we were loading up the bikes to go home and all of the sudden I realized-- ohmygosh-- we didn't wear helmets! Definitely a must for future bike rides!
    I so appreciate the reminder! Thankyou! And so glad your husband was/is okay!!