Thursday, August 16, 2012

Totally Talkative Thursday.

Every Thursday; 4 things you need to know before you die.

1. My OCD backfired on me last night. My iphone told me I had an update available for my pinterest app. As a general rule of thumb, my iphone will self destruct if I do not update the apps immediately upon seeing that little red number pop up. Since the update I now officially hate pinterest on my iphone. Be warned- don't accept the update no matter how annoying and life-threatening that red number may be. 

2. I am admittedly the most uncreative person on the planet but I do have a soft spot for hand made/custom designed greeting cards. I purposely avoid craft fairs because I cannot afford to buy every adorable card I fall in love with. I can't bear to part with the really cute ones, so they don't even ever get filled out or sent.

3. Speaking spanish with the wait staff at Mexican resturants can be entertaining. Today my waiter had the case of the down in the dumps and needed a listening ear. I'm glad to oblige fella! Hope your land lord evicts your noisy neighbors so you can sleep and not look tired all the time. :)

4. While I am generally not a clutzy person, I had more than my fair share of oopsies yesterday. My lunch date with a friend involved knocking over a broom and hitting my head on a hanging light fixture. Before the afternoon was out I also couldn't get my car out of park, dropped a pack of gum in the toilet and broke a pair of sunglasses.  


  1. Regarding No. 2....I'm so glad I'm not the only one who keeps a stack of can't-bear-to-part-with-it cards. It feels eternally selfish to buy a card that will end up being a cheer-me-up-as-a-specimen-of-something-wonderful, rather than a cheer-someone-else-up sort of thing. So I console myself by pretending that someday I will actually send them. :)

  2. 1. I don't have a iphone, i have a droid and they just released a pinterest app. I love it.
    2. I used to love making cards (and scrapbooking) - but I do the same thing - I save all the cute cards and hoard them... lol. totally defeats the purpose.
    3. I wish I spoke spanish. I took 3 years in high school (10 years ago... omg. no... it was 11 years!)
    4. yikes girl. that's a pretty wicked clutzy streak. hopefully today was better.