Friday, August 24, 2012

Pass the chicken noodle soup, please.

This has been one looong week battling a severe head cold/the flu. Since I work in an office alone, I didn't have to call in sick out of thoughtfulness to other's health, so everyday was a battle with myself- how tough am I?? Each day I went to work I fully planned on going home at noon! I am proud to say that I got in my full 40 hours this week.
I am tough as nails.
I realize that sometimes being healthy and taking care of yourself is NOT pushing, and taking that sick day, but for me this was a major accomplishment. I am a wimp and I never push myself. I cough twice and call in sick. So this week I showed myself that I could be tough if I need to be!!
I have improved as the week as gone on and today feel pretty much 100%. Unless I swallow.

Thursday was the worst day and when I got home all I wanted was soup and toast and my bed. I nearly cried when I found out that there was not a slice of bread within the four walls of this house. While I diluted my soup with my tears, my sweet brother took the bread off his sandwich he had packed for work the next day, toasted it and served it to me in bed. And then I cried REAL tears. :)

And yes, I made absolutely no plans for the weekend and I fully intend to sleep and inhale garlic and slurp up chicken broth until this thing is kicked.
(Oh, no plans except work tomorrow. And a run with Natalie. And go to church.)

Despite being sick I stuck with my training schedule and got in every scheduled work out!! Two runs, two strength session and a cross training day. Natalie & I ran on the hottest windiest night of the week. Whew. We had a NASTY head wind that pretty much died as soon as we turned around. :)

You have not lived until you have run alongside cows. Seriously, a bellow of moos is the best cheer-team ever.

Post-fuel smoothies are a friend of my sore throat!

I am living up my Friday night like any normal girl would- run. refuel. sleep.

Do you work-out when you are sick?

Home remedy or anti-biotic?

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  1. YUM. sorry your sick, eachineasea (can't spell) is supposed to be good:)