Monday, August 27, 2012

The Rain in Spain falls Mainly on the Plain.

I was one happy camper waking up to cloudy skies and a drizzle on Friday! Yay! Something about stormy weather puts my mood into over-drive!!

After work on Friday I was finally feeling almost back to my regular self. Yay for kicking that nasty bug! When I got home from work I couldn't wait to get out in the rain for a good hard run!

Not totally soaked.....
When I got home from my run I was feeling good. My legs felt pretty dead through most of the run, but I didn't take it easy on them. I finished with all my miles under 10 minutes- woot!!
I should move to England because I could run in the rain every blessed day.
Post run I decided to have an omelet and fruit. Good idea, but apparently my omelet making skills are not as sharp as I thought they were.. Ahem.

Rain or shine for your runs?

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