Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mi Familia!

For Tabitha's birthday we went out to eat at the restaurant of the birthday girl's choice- Mexican. The hostess put us in the private party room because they were swamped and had no other space for a party of 10. My brothers were delighted to be semi-removed from the public eye-- this means we can be as loud as possible, right!??! Haha!!
"Family Dinner" in my family is outrageously loud and funny and guaranteed to include at least 2 spills. We also pretty much exhaust the word random when it comes to our conversations. Today we wore out just a few topics; the Great Wall in China, Olympic swimming, french dressing, fur bearing, hybrid tomatoes, flavored lemonade and current male hairstyles; not necessarily in that order.

Birthday Girl!!

Lunch. I always manage to pick the most delicious selection on the menu with the most difficult name to pronounce. I literally butchered the name of this dish, but it was worth it.

After dinner we hooked a ride with my brother Seth to continue the deep conversation we began during lunch about the length and weight of our favorite flavor of licorice. Only the important stuff- right?? He works full time in construction/cement work and his car was full of miscellaneous equipment and work toys.  My sister and I decided that they also doubled quite nicely as hair accessories.

Who needs a head band to keep the hair out of your eyes?? This one has built in FM radio and drowns out unwanted conversation. Double bonus in my book.

Hair sticks are a thing of the past. Blunt lead pencils are the way to go.

A little bit of volleyball, swimming and some watermelon and we're ready to put this weekend in the books!

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