Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friends don't let Friends Workout Alone.

Mi amiga Gracie is in the hood!! I love you Gracie!

It's shaping up to be a super cool weekend. Just in time too because I was ready to just take it slow for a coupla days! Grace is amazing and a super sweet friend! She is also super close to my sister Tabitha and the three of us have a blast hanging out together! Our conversations would definitely win gold in the Olympic "Most Random" competition, but they really are a barrel of laughs.
Today we all ignored our alarms in hopes of sleeping in until the very last minute possible before we headed into town for a late breakfast/early lunch at our favorite local coffeehaus.
We ate and gabbed and had a fabulous time solving all the problems of the world, er...........mentally chasing our tails. Super chill time!

After coffee time it was workout time! It's always more fun to kick your workout with a friend! We smashed out an awesome 20 minute HIIT!
Teeth check........almonds + photo shoots don't usually go over so hot.

Pink, Gray, Sweaty & Short. The best kind of friends!! :)

Smoothies for supper. The over abundance of raspberries in my freezer are rapidly disappearing. Whew, gonna have to restock because a raspberry shortage would be completely earth shattering.

Ya'll have Saturday night plans? It's movie time here!

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